Teen mum

The doctor said "your 14 year old daughter is pregnant" but that wasn't the only thing wrong I was also 37 weeks an ready to pop
Based on a true story of my life


2. The doctor

I was sitting in the doctors room an he asked for me to lay on the bed so he could feel my stomach for the pain he then told me I would need a ultrasound but he was telling mum it could be a cyst or some other things but he said FEATUS really loud an it clicked in my head I was pregnant days went past an school needles were coming up an my school nurse had given everyone a form to fill out an I remember ticking all the boxs I walked over an said I think I'm pregnant what should i tick for this box she pulled me over an asked if I was sure an I said yeh I had an ultrasound an I would know my results for another few days so I ended up getting my needle anyway.

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