Teen mum

The doctor said "your 14 year old daughter is pregnant" but that wasn't the only thing wrong I was also 37 weeks an ready to pop
Based on a true story of my life


4. My choice or hers ?

On the way to get dinner she told me it's my choice if I wanted to keep him/her an she would support me but five minutes later she decided it wasn't ok an told me I was going to be giving my baby up for adoption I thought that was unfair she just told me I could keep him/her ? How can she just decide I can't have her/him this isn't her life ! 
We sat down an got the fish an chips we were along the beach under some trees talking about my baby an that I could be going into labour any minute to any day I had 3 weeks left an I needed to go to midwife appointments, blood test, more  test, my ultrasound ! I hope it's a girl I kept thinking. I had my ultrasound coming up the next day to see what gender the baby was I had a name in my head witch I love an it worked out very well if it was a boy or a girl my best friend Rhiannon an I mucked around with some names I really liked Hayden Marie for a girl an Harper for a girl but Hayden I loved same with the name I choose 

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