Teen mum

The doctor said "your 14 year old daughter is pregnant" but that wasn't the only thing wrong I was also 37 weeks an ready to pop
Based on a true story of my life


9. ITS THE DAY ! part 1


I still had 1 week left so I was getting pretty excited we did our normal stuff that day fiddle around an clean everything for bubs to arrive it was getting late I hadn't eaten dinner yet an I was so tired I decided to go lay on mums bed I was on my phone an texting my neighbour my ex an my other 2 friends who knew (no one else knew) then I felt like I needed to pee so I stood up an my stomach felt like it POPPED I then ran to the toilet an my waters had broken I was excited but scard my mum was in another room I yelled out she didn't hear me so I waited till my waters stopped I walked down the other end of the house an my waters decided hey lets leak even more -.- I opened the door an went mum it's time my waters have broken she freaked out we called the hospital to let them know mum called my friends mum who is like my second mum she's a gem so she came over to pick us up I still didn't have everything I still needed formula as I wasn't going to breast feed an I still needed some other little things kellie arrived an we all got in the car I had bought this little dog with me so I held on to the dog an I was SOOO hungry I knew I should have eaten the whole 30-40 minute drive I was thinking about food an mum an Kellie kept asking hey you ok ? How bads the pain an I was like not in pain ? But sure am hungry haha we arrived at the hospital now the pain was kicking in not to bad but to the point I could feel it an it was getting annoying we walked into the doors an got someone to show us to the birthing suite we signed papers an got ready the new midwife an student came in  they put all these things on my belly to track Bubs heart rate to make sure he wasn't getting stressed  


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