Teen Wolf Preferences

If you love teen wolf, the title says it all. If you want one, request it and I'd be happy to do it. :)




2. Liam Dunbar (for reader)

Requested: no

(Y/N): Your name

Description: (Y/N) just moved to Beacon Hills from Ireland and have lunch with Liam on (Y/N)'s first day of school.


Your family just moved to Beacon Hills all the way from Ireland and everything is different. On your first day of school, your lost and confused while roaming the halls of Beacon Hills High School. A staff member points you in the direction of the office so you can pick up your class schedule.

After you get your schedule, you find your classes but nothing is going as planned. You get shoved around by other students, they made you drop your bag several times, and stared and pointed at you while whispering to their friends. The day hasn't even started yet and you already want to leave.

As you make your way downstairs from the office, something catches your eye...a guy. You look away assuming he's going to judge you like everyone else. You make your way to your locker and fail several times at opening it, soon you hear a deep voice coming from behind you. You turn around to get a better look at the person. He is a well built muscular guy who has dirty blonde/light brown hair with the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen..it's the same mysterious guy from earlier.

"Do you need help with that? The schools kinda old, and so are the lockers" he smirks. "It needs a certain touch"

You start to blush but try and hide it by looking at the ground. "Umm...sure that would be great." You mumble.

You tell him your combo and by the time you look up you see your locker door open. It became silent for a moment until he breaks it.

"Your new here right? I've never seen you around before."

"Yea I just moved"

"From Ireland?"

"Um..how did you know?" You ask confused.

"Your accent"

"Oh my god, sorry, I totally forgot about that" you blush even harder while realizing how stupid you sound.

"Haha don't apologize. Would you like to sit with me at lunch?"

Finally bringing your eyes from the ground you whisper, "I'd love that" the first bell rings and before running off, he says "Oh by the way my name is Liam. I'll meet you outside your class and we can walk to the cafeteria together."

With a wink and a sweet smile, he turns around and makes his way to his class while you just stand there in awe of everything that just happened.


As the bell rings for lunch, you gather your things and walk out of your class to find Liam waiting for you just as he promised and you two walk to the cafeteria.

"So what's your name?" Liam asks you. "(Y/N)" "What a beautiful name." "Thank you" you smile as you sit down at one of the tables. You and Liam sit there talking and getting to know each other which is great!

After lunch, the bell rang for class and Liam waits for you to finish eating. "So what's your last class?" He asks. "English. You?" You reply. "Chemistry" he says. You smile as you walk along to your class. You don't even realize that Liam is still with you. "Liam you didn't have to walk me to class." You say. "But I wanted to." He says. "Lunch was fun! Thank you." You smile. "It was my pleasure" Liam says as the bell rang again to get to class. He hugs you and you hug back. He walks away to head towards his class as you smile from ear to ear and walk into your last class of the day.

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