Old Man Hacker

Ever wonder how someone seemingly detached from the times would adapt to modern terms and computer code, seemingly detached from their time? this probably isn't how, but who cares, its (kinda') silly


1. there is no more chapters after this one...

This is a story of a old man, he was around 65 years old, but there is one thing that sets this old
man apart you see this old man, was an incredible hacking super genius! Every-day he would
sit down and work on his hacking skillz! (skills is spelled with a ‘Z’ because z’s are hip and cool!)
He mostly picked up this hobby because he could no longer stand up and walk around too
much. So he throws on a pair of old lackeys and steals money from the government.
“That’ll teach ya’ from giving my money to lazy people!” he would mutter as he breaks into
online banks and government official emails. He would than sell the secrets he got from the
e-mails to the highest bidder (normally the politician themselves) and in a twist of dramatic irony
the politician would find that they bought their own e-mails. One day however, changed this
mundane pattern, and would end his career of a hacker forever! It all started as a normal day,
he would wake up through on his hoodie and drink a cup of prune juice. He sat down at his
computer desk and started looking for emails to hack into. Than he found something rather
peculiar. Areah51atgmail.com. This was interesting, has he found the real area 51? He opened
the email up and while it was loading the prune juice kicked in.
“Oh dear!” He said as he ran for the bathroom. While he was gone the email opened up a virus
that the government left for a trap for him to open. The swat team immediately moved in and
drove to surround his house. The old man finally got up from the bathroom when he noticed the
soldiers. He should've been afraid, but he had one last trick up his sleeve. He ran for the garage
and grabbed a hover board of his own design. He jumped one, threw on his helmet with a neon
green helmet, and started to ride, the two kids across the street in their regular boards and
helmets watched him drive by and were amazed! Alas his old age caught up to him, he just
wasn't the young buck he once was. He couldn't get very far when the government finally caught
up to him. *** 6 months later ***
“Mr. Ferdansicson” a government body walked up to his cell “we have used you to be an official
government body agent, you will come work with us now to spy on communist nations” He lifted
up his head slowly and agreed to go with them

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