I Promise

Helena is a girl from Tallinn Estonia who enjoys soccer photography and movies. one day Justin Bieber shows up at her house and they start dating


1. Helena

Intro / Helena's POV;

I'm Helena Tarvas, I'm sixteen and live in Tallinn Estonia. My hobbies include soccer and photography. 

​"HELENAAAAA" My sometimes overprotective older sister Barbara yelled for me to come down stairs. I knew that she needed me in the kitchen because her twin brother Johan was coming back from Finland and we were having to prepare dinner for him and his fiancée Amelia.  I don't live with my parents, because they were deemed unfit to take care of me so now I live with Barbara and her husband Karl and their daughter Kaia.

​I always found it weird how Kaia was obsessed with Justin Bieber but then again Kaia was only eight years old, so I just let it slide.

​Authors note: ignore my bad English.





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