Show Me Your Soul

What happens if life throws you off track? What if someone asks you to trust him, even though you know nothing about him? Would you trust him?
Cecily Martesse is a normal student in her second year at college. Just when the next normal semester starts, she meets Ace - a handsome boy that throws her life upside down. Compelled by his words, his voice, his behavior, she finds herself getting dragged into a world full of secrets, unfaithfulness and deceit.
Just when she hears some devastating news about her brother, she has to face things she never knew she could endure.
A story about love, trust and friendship. Rated Mature for adult language and hot love scenes.


7. San Diego





“It will be a great opportunity for all of you”, Doctor Rayden said at the end of his lecture, “I expect you all there. Anyone who doesn’t attend the conference does not get his or her certificate. Also every lecture will be content of the exam at the end of the semester so I strongly advise you to go there. Further, you are representing the new elite of soon-to-be dentist and it’s a privilege to get to see three of the world’s most renowned maxillo-facial surgeons and implantologists who are going to read a paper about the newest implants especially…”

I couldn’t hear Doctor Rayden’s speech anymore. Everyone was talking about that big and important conference in San Diego this weekend and although it sounded really interesting, I actually just wanted to relax.

“Girls, that is going to be awesome!”, Cassy whispered, beaming.

“Huh? Since when are you so excited about going to a conference?”, I replied.

Rolling her eyes, she added, “I’m not looking forward to the conference, but the road trip! And my parent’s beach house in San Diego! They’re still in Jamaica and they wouldn’t mind if we crashed there over the weekend.”

The girls and I exchanged quick glances. I wasn’t that sure it would be okay for them if some students would just spend the weekend at their house. With Cass as the host.

She nudged my shoulder. “Come on, it’ll be fun. I already talked to Josh and Eric and they are coming, too.”

“Are there even enough rooms for us all?”



She sighed. “Ye-es. We even have a whirlpool.”

Mm... sounded tempting.




We were on the highway for over an hour, the soft buzzing sound of Cassy’s car vibrating against my cheek. I looked up from my phone.

“Why is Lucas posting on Instagram that he’s on his way to a beach house that seems to have the same address as yours?”

I narrowed my eyes on her when she bit her lip.

She groaned. “Okay, rumors spread. Eric told Lucas and he told Aro. And Josh also had to invite Ace for God knows what reason.”

I sighed, putting my head in my palm.

“Oh, relax. They’re probably going to hit the night clubs so you won’t have to see Aro at all.”

Aro wasn’t the only problem here. True, it was awkward between us. We used to go on a couple dates a few months ago. He was a nice guy – I guess. I had fun with him. He was smart and had a good portion of confidence. But he was also self-centered. A lot. He loved talking about himself, he loved when attention was on him and that was something I simply couldn’t stand.

I guess he must’ve considered me as equally unsuitable, since we mutually agreed to stop whatever we had going on.

Still, it was awkward as hell.

“You sure Ace will come, too?”, Anna asked, lifting her head from the book she was reading.

Cass nodded. “Pretty sure. Should I try to hook you up?”, she grinned, looking at Anna through the rearview mirror. “I’ve got condoms, booze and pot. Tell me which one you need the most and I’m all in.”

God, Cassy was like a crazy version of Cupid.

Anna laughed shrilly. “No need, thanks.” I watched her cheeks getting a dark shade of red.

Cassy shrugged, changing the radio station. “Just say the magical word, honey. Fairy Cassy has all the things you need.”

I snorted.


Once we finally arrived, the first thing I did was slipping inside my bathing suit. The only bikini I possessed had pink polka dots on the cups and thanks to a douchey douchebag polka dots were something I could not wear again. Ever again.

Besides, there was no need to impress someone here.

I grabbed a towel and made my way to the patio where the whirlpool already waited for me. The girls went to the grocery store, so I was alone.

Once the water was warm enough, I stepped inside.

Bubbles swirled around my body and steam filled the air. My muscles loosened up, and my eyes shut closed.

I was floating, feeling weightless for what felt like an eternity. Until an annoying noise interrupted my meditation.

I opened my eyes only to find Ace standing at the border, a killing smirk around his lips. He was as quiet as a panther, and his look not quite far away from that of an animal. “What?”, I snapped, sliding further into the water.

“Nothing, you baby. I just like what I see.”

The heat – and I was pretty sure it didn’t just come from the whirlpool – swirled around me like a disturbing cloud.

There went my too short relaxing time.

“Could you go away? I would like to get out.”

He hunkered down, his look piercing. “Are you naked?”

“W-What?! No, of course not!”, I shrieked.

“Then you can get out, whether I’m standing here or not.”

I plunged even deeper until the water reached my chin.

He got up and held out his hand. “Here. I’ll help you.”

Hmm, I could pull a joke on him. I took his hand, using my force to pull him down, but – oh crap – he quickly guessed what I was trying to do.

His body tensed as he dragged me out of the water as if I weighed nothing.

“Bad girl.”

I opened my mouth but water enveloped my body the next second. He had pushed me!

“Oops”, he said, turning his back to me.

My nose burned. Once I finished coughing half of the water out of my lungs, I screamed, “Ace, you’re a stupid donkey!”


After drying my hair with a blow-dryer, I felt the urge to paint. I had been nothing but calling Ace every hateful name that had crossed my mind when I was taking a shower.

Shaking my head, I sat on the patio and let the view distract me.

The sun was setting, slowly becoming a mix of burnt orange and a dark blue whirling like a storm across the sky. My fingers moved the pencil, swiftly and with a familiar fluidness.

I loved painting. It was relaxing, even more than the whirlpool had been.

There was a knock at the glazed door and Anna waved, mouthing that dinner was ready. Whoa… how much time had passed?

I put the canvas aside and closed the door behind me. 

“Girls, why didn’t you tell me that you were cooking? I could’ve helped.”

“Are you kidding. You were totally on another planet”, Ruby chuckled.

Yeah. When I was in paint-mode no one could stop me.

Cassy had been right about the boys not being here. A bliss.

Once each one had her plate and some lasagna, Cassy pointed her fork at me. “Okay, now what’s going on between you and Ace?”

“Wha?”, I said, my mouth full of lasagna. “Nothing.”

“Oh please, we all saw you at the whirlpool.”

“What?!”, I gasped, looking at the others. “Weren’t you supposed to be at the grocery store?”

Ruby giggled. “We were. And then we came back, finding you too pressed against each other. Seemed cozy.”

I sighed. “No, there is nothing going on.”

“Yeah, right”, Ruby mocked. “You were totally flirting.”

I turned my head to her so fast I thought I heard something crack on my neck. “I so was not flirting. We weren’t flirting. We hate each other.”

Cass shrugged, shoving a piece of meat into her mouth. “If you say so.”

I sighed. “I’m not into arrogant douches anymore. Arrogant douches who have nothing to say than insults–”

“That’s not true”, Anna cut in.

My eyes went wide. “What? The arrogant part or the insults?”

“Both”, she said, giving me a sharp look.

“He’s a nice guy.”

Uhh… maybe we were talking about two different people, or maybe he had multiple personalities because everything Ace had done so far was to creep the ever-loving shit out of me or virtually sending me images of me licking his lips.

“Maybe to you”, I mumbled.

Anna grinned. “Yeah, maybe. Or maybe I just know how to talk to him.”


Was it just my imagination or did Anna just bitched at me?

I shrugged. “Maybe.”


It had been a bad idea to sleep in the same room as Ruby.

My bladder woke me in the middle of the night and once I was back in the girl’s room, all I did was tossing and turning. Ruby’s snore was on full blast.


Silently, I groaned and got out of the room. I figured each room was occupied. There was light floating through several closed doors and the smell of hookah filled the hallway. Yep, the boys were back.

I went downstairs to the living room, walking in the dark. At the couch, I fumbled for the remote when I fisted a handful of something soft.

“Ouch! Who’s there?”

I yelped, banging my tibia against the marble table.

“Arghh!” That hurt.

“Cec, what the hell are you doing here?”

My heart nearly stopped. I blinked a few times, realizing that Ace was lying on the couch.

“I could ask you the same, you nearly scared me to death.”

With only his pajama pants on, he turned to his side, his muscles flexing.

“I couldn’t–”, he started and yawned. “I couldn’t sleep upstairs”, he finished.


He shrugged his shoulders. “It was too hot there.”

“Let me guess, because you’re already too hot.”

He blinked a few times. “You have a feisty mouth, you baby. Why are you here?”

I shifted on my feet. “Don’t tell anyone but Ruby’s snoring. Yeah, she snores. And I can’t sleep with that noise.”

He yawned again, making a little room before he lied on his belly.

“Well, lucky for you that I don’t snore”, he slurred.  


“You’re kidding, right? I’m not going to sleep next to you.”

“Your decision”, he said, his voice muffled inside the pillow. “Either you go back or you sleep on the floor ‘cause I certainly won’t put my amazing body there.”

My heart beat sped up. Dammit. I glanced down at my clothes, suddenly feeling too naked in my tank top and shorts that barely covered my bum.

I sat down. “If your hands land on me, I’ll cut them off.”

“You’d change your mind if you knew what my hands are capable of doing.”

I gulped, not daring to carry on that thought.

I smacked his shoulder. “Stop your dirty talk.”

A few seconds passed and I thought he was asleep but then he said something I didn’t expect.

“Did you draw that picture at the patio?”

“Yep”, I said, popping the P.

He turned around and faced me, his eyes shining like crystals. “Really?”

Sheepishly, I nodded.

“Wow. It’s good.”

Against my will, my belly fluttered. Okay, maybe Anna had been right and he could–

A wide grin spread across his lips. “Ever drawn someone naked?”


I smacked my palm against my face.

“Admit it, you drew some nasty things. It’s me naked, isn’t it. If you need a model, I’m always available. Can’t blame you for wanting to draw my perfection.”

This was not happening.

“Just stop using your tongue to talk.”

His eyebrow rose. “Want me to use my tongue for other things, baby? But I need to warn you, your life will change forever after I’d give you the best mind-blowing–”

I pinched his lips together with my hand. “God, please. J-Just be quiet.”

He chuckled against my mouth and suddenly I was too aware of his lips brushing my palm. Lucky for me, my phone buzzed, so I gladly withdrew my hand.

There was a message. From Noah.

Are you awake?

I quickly typed Yeah, what’s up?

And I waited. And waited. No response. He didn’t even read the message.

I tsked. “Brothers.” I put my phone on the table and lied down on my back.

“You have brothers?”, Ace asked.

“Yeah. Two. They’re older than me.”

“So you’re the youngest.”

I shook my head. “No, I have a sister who’s twelve.”

I looked at him. “You?”

It felt like an eternity had passed until he spoke.

“An elder brother.”

Didn’t expect that. He always seemed so solitary.

He turned his head to the other side. “It’s late. We should go to sleep.”

I felt my eyes turning to his direction to catch a glimpse at his scars. I’d really like to know what kind of accident had caused those scars but better not risk it.

“Good night, Ace.”

Hearing his soft breaths and watching his shoulders rise and fall frequently, I guessed he was already asleep.


I woke up from a twitch in my leg. I blinked through the darkness, remembering where I was.

On the couch. Next to Ace.  

“Next to” wasn’t quite the proper description. We were rather glued against each other, his hard chest pressing against my back. Which wasn’t the only hard thing.

Oh sweet baby Jesus… his arm had somehow made its way under my top, holding me tight against him. His fingers splayed across my skin, the tips grazing the beginning of my boobs. Why couldn’t I have a taller belly, so my breasts would be farer away?! was the only thing I could think about right now.

In an attempt to put some space between us, I tried to move but my hair was all under his head.

His breath tickled my ear, his soap assaulted my nose. It was so spicy. Maybe cedar? Whatever it was, it smelled mesmerizingly nice.

He was like a radiator. Too hot against my skin. Again, I tried to get away, but his grip reflexively tensed as he pulled me more against him. I couldn’t breathe anymore.

He stopped moving and then I felt something soft on my shoulder. Very soft. His lips.

The heat increased explosively.

I pinched my eyes together, praying for some sleep. I needed to ignore his hand, his body, him.

In vain, of course. He was closer to me than anyone ever was – and I really didn’t know if I should like it or not.





I was hard as fuck.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and blinked against the brightness. No idea what time it was. Too early.

And where was I?

Ah, yes. I’d slept on the couch. With Cec.

I was lying on my back, and she? She was using my chest as a pillow, her head moving up and down with every breath I took. Sunshine poured through the window on her and I found myself wondering what her hair color was. Something between brown and blond?

Her hair color?

Oh hell, I was thinking about her fucking hair color.

I tried to move but her leg was twisted between mine, touching me right there where it counted the most. I tried to figure out where my hand was when I cupped something peachy. Her ass. Her very, very nice, peachy ass.

My hand glided higher, over her bare hip where my fingers circled something tiny and round. A beauty patch. Interesting.

Her skin was so soft. So silky. I let my hand move higher, exploring more and more. Her fingers tensed around my waist. I stopped.

She nuzzled against my chest, mumbling something. No, moaning. She moaned softly.

I was getting harder. Shit.

Carefully, I slipped out of her grip, taking her wrist in my hand.

I needed to get up.

And a shower. A cold shower.

I managed to get above her, and damn, I really, really liked her there. She moaned again, my cock pressing against her stomach. Just when I was about to put my foot on the floor, something buzzed.

Her phone.

A pair of green eyes looked at me, blinking through sleepiness. Sleepiness turned into alarm real quick.

Eyes widening, her lips parted in complete shock.

“Good mor–”

I couldn’t finish that sentence. She yelped, almost shattering my eardrum. She pushed my chest and jerked back so fast I couldn’t believe that was possible. She rolled, sliding off the couch like a flushed animal. Her head was on the way to say hello to the marble table.  I moved without thinking straight.

I cupped her head as she dragged me down on the floor.

My wrist hit the table.

I ignored the pain, distracted by what I was seeing. What I was feeling.

Our bodies were inches apart, the peaks of her breast brushing my chest under that thin tank top of hers. My nose met her delicate neck. And I inhaled. Which was a bad move.

A very bad move.

“What the hell were you doing?”, she snapped, sliding away from me.

I rose to my feet. “Untangling my body from your grip”, I said flatly, not quite a lie. “But obviously you preferred waking up being a ninja.”

“Oh. I… I just thought you…”, she stuttered.

“That I would do you in your sleep?”

I watched the apples of her cheeks getting darker. I snorted. “Don’t worry. You don’t make me horny enough.”

Her rosy lips puckered, her eyes turning into slits. I’d scratched her ego. Before she could see how very much horny I was, I went upstairs and locked the door once I was inside the bathroom. 

I slipped out of my pants and boxers and stepped into the shower. The cold water dripped over me, roaming every square inch of my body. A ball of fire formed in the depths of my stomach.


I grabbed my cock tightly, my hand moving quickly from the base to the top.

The fire grew, poking a slumbering beast inside my belly.

I closed my eyes. Tension built up with every stroke. My heart banged against my chest, each thrust resonating through my whole arm, reaching my tight fingers.

My thoughts were getting blurred as I tightened my grip.

Fuck. This felt good.


Tearing my eyes open, images of her body filled my view. My hand moved faster. Electricity shot through my body like a bolt of energy filling my legs, my feet.

That body… God, that body was haunting me.

Those lips, those breasts, that ass. Even her silken hair that I wanted to wrap around my fist while I’d fuck her from behind. She would moan. Loud. She would scream my name, begging me to go harder on her.

My mind got blank as the tension in me reached its climax. My orgasm was running like a current through my whole body. I groaned against the cold bathroom tile.

My head fell back, the droplets cooling off my face.

I released my grip.

Unable to move for a while, I let the water run over my body for a little while longer.

Oh fuck.

This was bad.

I hadn’t come to L.A. just to let some girl get under my skin like that.

I exhaled and wrapped a towel around my waist. I rubbed my hair with another one when a sting on my wrist made me flinch.

A bruise spread over the bone of my wrist joint. Whatever. It would heal in a couple days.

Just when I managed to banish every thought of Cec, I opened the door just to find a pair of those wicked green eyes staring at me.






What a nice morning to start this stupid day.

I was a morning person – even without coffee since I never drank some. But waking up and seeing a half-naked guy above me before landing on my butt, not to mention that he had been feeling me up in his sleep, was too much.

Nice start.

My phone had buzzed and I looked at the missed call. It was Noah. He didn’t leave a message, so I guessed this wasn’t urgent. He probably wanted me to talk to Dad on his behalf.


I walked upstairs and passed the bathroom the moment its door flung open.

A towel was secured around his hips, his dark hair a wild mess that I just wanted to comb.

Oh Lord. I wanted to comb his hair?

I needed a shrink. Or more than one.

“What do you want?”, Ace snapped harshly, making me think I had done something wrong.

“Uh… nothing, I was just about to go to my room.”

When he ran his hand through his hair, I noticed a red mark on his wrist. When did he–? Oh…

“Your hand”, I said like an imbecile.

“It’s not as bad as it looks.”

I wrapped my fingers around his wrist, squeezing it. He flinched.

“You’re clearly in pain.”

“It’s nothing.”

His arrogance knew no limit.

“I have a bandage”, I offered. “And an ointment.”

He arched his eyebrows but I just shrugged one shoulder.

“I always have a first-aid kit with me.”

I turned around only to see the next door open. A very sleepy Aro stood in front of me. Lean and with his shoulder length hair, he kind of reminded me of a younger Jared Leto. Dark shadows rimmed his bloodshot eyes and the jeans he wore were covered with knits. Sleeping in jeans was no fun. No wonder he looked like pigeons had pooped on his car.

Other doors opened almost simultaneously, and a bunch of other people stormed out. Lucas and some guys I had only seen a few times during tutorials made their way to the bathrooms.

The smell of liquor hung in the air as the guys approached me, dropping their gazes at my bare legs and suddenly I realized I was standing there with a pair of shorts that were similar to panties.

“Cec”, Ace said behind me, his voice sharp and cold. “Didn’t you want to get something?”

“Mm… right”, I mumbled. I fought back the urge to cover myself as I slipped between those guys, heading to where Ruby and the others were still sleeping.

“Cass”, I snapped, shaking her leg.

“Mmm”, she groaned.

“Wake up. Your parents’ house is turning into a hotel.”

She lifted her head, fumbling for her phone. “Yeah. Josh and Aro texted me in the middle of the night. I guess.”

“You guess?”

She flipped her feet to the floor. “It was freaking two in the morning. I had no idea what I had even replied.”

I rolled my eyes, fumbling for a pair of jeans and a white tee. Once I’d found the kit I rushed out before the girls could ask me anything.


Ace was waiting for me in the patio, dressed casually. His eyes were fixed on the glazed doors that led straight to the kitchen which was turning into a meeting point for all those uninvited “guests”.

I dropped to the chair next to him, taking out the things I needed.

He held out his hand silently. The spot had gotten darker. My eyes wandered to his forearm, following the thick veins popping out.

And then down to his rough knuckles. Callused. Like he’d been through a lot of fights. “Are you done examining my body?”

I cleared my throat, opening the tube of the salve. “That’s only fair since you always check out my body.”

He chuckled. “Touché.”

I applied the cold salve over his joint and wrapped the bandage a few times.

I examined my work.

“Thanks”, he said, rather tense.

He probably didn’t say that word a lot.


The breakfast was nerve-wracking. Those dudes were bawling like animals. They were still sauced. Rayden was so going to kill them if they’d show up like that.

Whatev. Not my problem.

I put on an ironed black skirt, hanging tightly around my waist. I stuffed a white blouse into it and gathered my hair into a neat ponytail.  

I resembled a professor.

Stupid dress code.

Stupid conference.



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