Show Me Your Soul

What happens if life throws you off track? What if someone asks you to trust him, even though you know nothing about him? Would you trust him?
Cecily Martesse is a normal student in her second year at college. Just when the next normal semester starts, she meets Ace - a handsome boy that throws her life upside down. Compelled by his words, his voice, his behavior, she finds herself getting dragged into a world full of secrets, unfaithfulness and deceit.
Just when she hears some devastating news about her brother, she has to face things she never knew she could endure.
A story about love, trust and friendship. Rated Mature for adult language and hot love scenes.


2. Impressions





After a week full of typical introduction crap, routine started. Every prof reminded us how important their subject was, to show up at time and to be on our best behavior with the patients. Duh.

It was Monday, and the first lecture began at 10 p.m. Not too early for me to oversleep, so I wasn’t late. Inside the auditorium, I spotted Ruby, Cassy at the very back of the room. Nice. I’d rather hear gossip or chat with them than hear an hour or so something about the microorganisms in the oral cavity.

And then I suddenly remembered that awkward incident with that weirdo. My brain must’ve shoved him to the back of my mind since I’d forgotten to tell my two best friends about him.

“He was sooo creepy”, I finished my long speech of how he cut my way and what an asshole he was. “Unshaved and half-naked. If he hadn’t driven an Audi, I would’ve guessed he was a hobo.” Or an Abercrombie model. I bit my lip to not let that thought slip out my mouth. I knew better than to just be attracted to boys with good looks.

Cassy’s eyes sparkled as I described that douche. “Wait a sec, half-naked? As in shirtless?”


She whistled. “Wow. Was he hot?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah. But it doesn’t matter. He was a douche. And what kind of guy leaves his house without putting a shirt on?”

“Almost everyone in California”, Ruby grinned.

“Not in mid-January.”

“Maybe he was in rush like you.”

I gave her a sharp look. “You’re supposed to be my friend, so don’t defend him.”

She chuckled while Cass took out her notebook.

“Oh man, why do we have so many bullshit courses this semester? And Philipps with her amount of work! Not helpful. I hate model analyses. And I hate ortho.”

“Same”, I mumbled. She was right. Bending wires in orthodontics was so not my thing and Philipps was kind of a witch.

“Oh, come on guys. It isn’t that bad”, Ruby chimed in. “Model analyses are quite simple once you get the hang of it.”

Well, then I’d never get the hang of it. “Yeah, you’re talented, so ortho is child’s play for you”, Cass countered.

She looked a little worried. “I don’t know if I can finish the analyses this week…I have two patients who need braces with labial bows and Philipps wants them done until Friday.” She started biting her nails. I couldn’t blame her, though. I hated orthodontics more than any other course.

“Relax, Cass. If you’ll hand it in next week, she won’t kill you.”

“Mh-hm...” She was still worried.

Ruby sighed. “’kay, I’m gonna help you.”

Just when Cassy’s face lightened up, Ruby added quickly, “But I’m not doing the work for you. I’ll show you how it’s done and stay with you until you’ll get it right.”

“That’s all I need”, Cassy beamed and I couldn’t blame her: Ruby was a great teacher and very helpful. She’d stay with her the whole night if necessary.


After the next course, I badly needed to go to the restrooms.

“Go ahead. I’ll be right back”, I said to them.

I headed straight to the stairway and nearly took two steps each time. The urge was too great. I raced down the stairs, and as I quickly spun on my foot, my face crashed into a hard chest. It happened so fast, my brain couldn’t catch up. My legs twisted around his, making us trip and fall. 

My heart was racing as I realized being just inches away from his face so I could only stare in those electric blue eyes.

Holy… moly.

Seconds passed as I kept staring at his face, my mouth unable to form any intelligent phrase.

His dark brows raised. “Sorry but could you remove your hand from there?”, he said in a bored tone.

What? My hand? I looked down and saw to my horror my palm digging on his crotch. I could feel the bulge under the fabric of his jeans, but before my face could turn into a darker shade of pink, I pulled back my hand.

Very graceful, Cecily, I thought as I stumbled to get up.

“Y-You’re the guy who bumped into me”, I said and watched him fluidly get to his feet.

“Actually, you’re the one who bumped into me, little girl.”

Oh, here we go again. Why is it always like that with hot guys… hot body, horrible attitude.

“I don’t mean this time, jerk. And my name’s not ‘little girl’.”

As he ran his hand through his hair, I realized how different he looked. He’d brushed his hair, although it still seemed kind of messy. And soft. He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a sweatshirt, even some nerd glasses that’d made it hard to recognize him at first. All in all, he made a decent look.

Now I felt my cheeks flushing as I realized that I was staring way too long.

“Okay, and what’s your name?”, he asked, a mischievous smirk dancing around his full lips.

“Why should I tell you?”

He took a step closer. Physical intimidation might’ve worked on other women but not with me. I kept telling myself that although his appearance was causing some hormonal imbalance in my body. “

Then, I keep calling you ‘little girl’”, he said, his voice getting low. “Also you better watch your step. Next time you won’t be landing so comfortably on someone like me.”

Whoa… I gulped, my throat suddenly parched. I couldn’t let him win this… whatever this battle was.

I looked down on his crotch and then up to meet his gaze with an equal indifference. “Please. There wasn’t much to land on anyway.”

Trying not to let my cheeks betray me, I kept eye-contact with him.

A frown appeared and his lips turned into a hard line as his eyes brazenly roamed along my body. Snorting, he passed me without giving me a second glance.

I exhaled deeply, realizing that I’d held my breath until now. I think I just made an enemy. Great. And the semester was just about to start.


I didn’t see Mr. Asshole for the rest of the day. Lucky me. But I was on alert each time I walked through the hallways or at the parking lot. Which was ridiculous. Ugh. Maybe he was just a worker nearby? Or makes researches for his doctor’s degree? Or even if he was a student, that wouldn’t mean I have to see him again. There are hundreds of med students, and hundreds of dental students.

A lecture about syringes was soon starting, so the girls and I picked out a good spot. This course was the precondition for the work you do on patients who needed anesthesia. Even though we treat most patients with nitrous gas, we still needed to learn the other techniques, too. It was a pretty important course that combines the physiology and the anatomy of the human body. However, they girls had other topics to discuss with me.

“Okay, now tell me exactly what happened. You fell on him and ‘accidently’ put your hand on his lap?”, Ruby asked.

I told Cassy the story earlier. She laughed so hard, tears had come out of the corner of her eyes.

I sighed. “Yes, I told you: I was in a hurry, I didn’t see him and well, I fell on him. I don’t even want to talk about that guy anymore. He’s probably still laughing about a ‘little girl’.”

What an ass. Of course he’s an arrogant ass, he was really good-looking. It’s always like that with handsome boys. Okay, maybe he wasn’t that handsome…

“I can’t believe you could even look him in the eye, not to mention talk to him”, Ruby snickered.

I rolled my eyes. “Can we talk about something else?”

Cass grinned. “No problem. Cecy, why the hell didn’t you come to the Exam Ball?”, Cassy asked.

“Oh here we go again–”

“No, don’t give me that! You promised you’d come and last minute you canceled. It was really good. The program was nice, there was good music, divine food. And the after party was even better. You would’ve slayed that dancefloor with your moves.”

“I know, I know…but I didn’t feel like going.”

It wasn’t even a lie. I really didn’t feel like going. My brother Noah had a big fight with my parents the night before. He came from New York to visit Mom for her birthday, and ended up in arguing with Dad. I’ve rarely seen Dad being that furious before. Noah needed some money – again. Dad already lent him ten thousand Dollars a few months ago, which was almost half of my parents’ savings, and he still needed more. Above all, he didn’t want to tell us what he did with that money or why he was so badly in need. My guess was drugs but I didn’t want to suggest it. After that, he packed his things and left. Mom and my little sister ended up crying and I had to take care of them the whole evening. Yeah, my party mood was kind of down.

“And no, it wasn’t because no one asked me out.”, I added so Cassy closed her mouth.

“Okay, but promise me that you go this semester. No excuses.”

“Okay, I promise.”


“God, Cassy you’re so persistent. I swear I’ll come this semester.” She seemed pleased, so she dropped the topic.

The Exam Ball. After high school, I didn’t think I’d need to attend those kinds of social peer pressure. Everyone was always going there, but I didn’t see the necessity. It was all about brown nosing the profs, chief resident, even the dean, and then having sex at the after party. Not my thing.

The lecture was about to start when I took out my pad of paper, even though I didn’t feel like taking many notes. If I get bored, I’ll draw something at least.

“Is this seat taken?”, someone asked.

“No”, I answered automatically before I wanted to slap myself.

When I turned my head to see who was talking to me, I wanted to scream.

It was him! HIM! Ace Aurenglade.

He noticed my frozen face and smirked. “I see, you still remember me. Probably hard forgetting someone after being so… intimately close.”

I didn’t even realize what he was saying, but after the word “intimately” Cassy and Ruby turned their heads and stared at him just like me.

Well, I couldn’t blame them. He was forbiddingly handsome. A white t-shirt plastered perfectly on his upper body, not too tight but enough to assume his trained muscles. Now he had no glasses on, so his Caribbean blue eyes appeared more luminous and like a scanner piercing me.

Oh my…

Still, Ruby and Cassy were on my team so they shouldn’t give him the satisfaction by staring at him like drooling monkeys.

“So, you’re probably the guy that had an interesting encounter with Cecily”, Cassy babbled. I gave her a look but she was oblivious to my glaring.

“Good news spread fast here, I see”, he said, eyes narrowing on me “So your name is Cecily.” A triumphant grin appeared on his lips. Damn it.

“Hi, I’m Cassy”, she said and stretched her hand to shake his. “And that’s Ruby.” And that’s me vomiting. “And you obviously met Cecily Martesse. You must be new here, right? I’ve heard that there are some newbies at the clinic.”

Was she out of her mind telling him my last name? I tapped her toe with my foot but she just kept on with her small talk.

“Yeah, I moved from Chicago.”

I could feel his gaze on me but I kept focusing on the board at the front.

Why. Why, oh why did he choose the seat next to me? Because he was a psych that gets satisfaction in pissing me off.

Cassy just kept talking to him, she probably wanted as much information in those five minutes as possible. Unfortunately for her, he didn’t give much of away, only that he grew up in a small town and moved to Chicago, but he didn’t like it there, so he wanted to see “the sunny side of the USA”. Uh-huh. Very interesting.

Cassy gave me a bump into my ribs as I fantasized about choking him. She grinned. Oh-oh. A bad sign. A very, very bad sign.

“So, if you want to meet some new people here, there’s this party next Friday at a nightclub in Avalon Hollywood. It reserves every semester one night only for the students at the teaching hospital. Wanna come?” Cassy was all in Cassy-mode. I rubbed my temples, realizing that I was having a headache.

“Sounds good. You coming, too, Cec?”

It took me a moment that he was referring to me. Cec? CEC!? Oh boy.


“Ah, you’re funny! Of course you’re coming! Didn’t you just promise me”, Cassy said. Huh?

She brought her lips to my ears. “Change of plans. You go to this party, I won’t bug you with the Exam Ball”, she whispered. Huh… pretty good deal.

“Yeah, I’m going.”

My gaze locked with his but he was giving nothing away. Just an intense stare like he was looking through the thin material of my t-shirt.

He crossed his arms and leaned back as the lecturer began to talk. Cass kept smiling at me, some discrete thumb-ups and I just wanted to kill her.

What was she thinking? Why is she playing Cupid?

She knew I was done with those kinds of guys. Forever.




After finishing with classes on Friday, I was honestly too exhausted to go to that party. But I knew if I bailed on Cassy and Ruby they were going to kill me.

After taking a shower, I put on a pair of jeans and a rosy blouse.

My hair was still wet but I didn’t have the energy to do something extraordinary, so it hung wavily on my back.

When they picked me up, the clock in our living room read half past midnight and I was already yawning.

“You could’ve worn that dress I lent you at least!”, Cassy said as she drove out of our driveway.

“Zip it, Cassy. At least I’m here with you. And by the way, if you ever try to set me up with this jerk again I’m going to kill you. I hope I’m very clear now: I don’t want anything to do with this guy. He’s arrogant, unfriendly, creepy and insulting.”

“Whoa… seems like you already have a pretty good idea of him”, Ruby chimed in. “Maybe you should give him a chance. He seems interested in you.”

I rolled my eyes. No. That was definitively not enough.

“Come on Cecily, you need to start dating again. Okay, Aro was an asshole. But since then you didn’t go on a date with someone or even really talked to other guys except Josh and Eric, but that doesn’t count.”

“I’m over Aro, Cassy. And I do talk to other guys.”

“I mean flirt”, she corrected.

I rolled my eyes. “You can have him if you want him that badly.”

She let out a long sigh. “You know I’m not looking for something serious now.” “Perfect. He doesn’t seem like the serious type of guy.”

She shrugged. “You never know”, was all the answer I got.

We arrived at the club and it was already full. Clouds of smoke greeted us when we walked in and the heavy smell of sweat and alcohol hung in the air. Great. I so wanted to go back home in my heavenly bed and read a good book until I fall asleep with Zazzy, our cat, next to me.

Slipping between the crowds, we made our way to the couches at the end of the room where you could actually understand what the other was saying without screaming.

But as one of my favorite songs started to play, I grabbed Ruby’s arm and shoved her to the dance floor. I swayed my body from side to side, letting my ass and hips do all the work until my back was damp with sweat. I giggled with Rubes, dancing with her and Cassy until we were too thirsty. Okay, maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to come here, after all.

Ruby spun around and headed for the bar while Cassy and I settled back on the couch. Cassy and I kept chatting when a shy, blonde girl came to us, her eyes looking bigger than normally under her glasses. “Um, excuse me, but do you know where the bathroom is? I keep looking for it and just couldn’t find it.”

“No problem, I need to go there, too. I’m Cassy.”

“Oh, thank you. I’m Anna” She turned to look at me.

I smiled. “Cecily.”

“Let’s go then.”

I saw them leave and wondered what was taking Ruby so long, but then I saw her laughing with the bartender. This could take a while.

The music was getting louder and my head warning me to start pounding, so I got up and walked upstairs. There must be some quiet spots where you could actually relax from all the noises.

Walking away from the spiral staircase, I headed to the fluffy couches that where behind some thick curtains. I was right, it was quieter.

It was so quiet that I could hear someone moan. A girl’s moan.

I knew I should just turn around or walk downstairs but my eyes somehow wanted to catch a glimpse.

Pulling the curtains, I caught a waterfall of blond hair falling over someone’s chest while her lips kept kissing his neck.

Ace’s neck.

With closed eyes, he was leaned back against the couch, his arms crossed under his head while that girl’s lips were glued to his skin as she was sitting on his lap.

I didn’t know why this scene was giving me a feeling of nausea but I couldn’t walk away. I was captured by the view of her working lips and her chuckle against his skin while her mouth was getting higher to meet his.

Just when I wanted to turn around, Ace’s eyes flew open, the electricity in them catching me off guard. He watched me with his unimpressed eyes while she was still licking his neck, as if I just witnessed the most common thing between them. Suddenly, I wished I would just puke on her.

“What’s going on with you?”, she asked him and I suddenly recognized her voice.

It was Karen.

A tall, blonde, model-like slut that always wears transparent blouses and short skirts so that everyone could take a look at the color of her bra or her thong like right now.

Following his gaze, she looked at me, bristling with anger. “Ex-cuse me?! Can’t you see we’re kind of busy right now!?”

I just couldn’t tear my gaze away from Ace’s unreadable eyes that were still piercing me.

“Well, this is not a private place!” I was surprised I could be that snappish even though I was the one who interrupted them.

She just snorted, turning back to Ace who was still staring at me.

“Whatever. Now buzz off.”

They make a great couple, she was just as rude as him. “Just get a room, you needy, hormone-driven animals!”, I yelled as I turned around.

Bumping into a few drunken people that were too sauced to understand my apologies, I walked back to the fluffy couch.

Why was I even so furious? It was not like I’ve never seen people making out, yet the view was making my blood boil with rage. I was nosy but never to the point where I watched people being so “occupied” with each other.

Well, she was occupied with him and he seemed to enjoy it. She probably blew him before.

Karen was the biggest skank in this whole clinic and it really shouldn’t surprise me that she already dug her claws into Ace.

Ugh. The two of them were just… ugh.

I leaned back and closed my eyes. Ruby was still flirting somewhere and the line to the bathroom was longer than expected apparently.

My eyelids felt heavy and despite the noise, I couldn’t open them again. I was simply too tired.

“Heeeey, can I get ya a drink?”, someone said.

My eyes were all open as I saw a guy suddenly sitting next to me. With flushed cheeks and the smell of a brewery in his breath, he gave me a twisted smile.

“No thanks. I’m waiting for someone.”

He snickered. “Can’t see that someone. C’mon, just a drink.”


I reflexively put some distance between us as he put one arm on the back of the couch behind me.

“Acting all coy, aren’t ya?”

My eyes narrowed. If he weren’t so canned maybe he would’ve been charming but this was just disgusting.

He laughed and put his hand on my thigh just so that I could throw it back at him.

“Don’t you get it? No means no.”

As if I hadn’t said something, he looped his arm around my waist. “You’re way too shy. You need s’me drinks. You have a boyfri’nd?”

I disentangled myself from his grip, ready to tell him to go to hell when someone stood in front of us.

“Sorry that I’m late, babe. The line was just too long”, Ace said and placed two drinks on the table.

My mouth stayed open as he sat next to me and placed his arm around my neck, pulling me closer to him so he could give me a brief kiss on my temple. Volts of electricity ran through my body the moment his lips touched the small spot of my skin. My skin felt scorching hot, as well as the rest of my body.

Holy hell, did he come from Hollywood? What a hell of a performance.

He turned his even in the dim room blazing eyes toward the other guy. “Didn’t you hear my girlfriend. She said no.”

The guy seemed startled. “Uhhh… sorry. I-I uhh didn’t know she had a… yeah…” he stuttered, stumbling to get up.

“You talk to her again and I will do some things to your face so your own mommy won’t recognize you. Got it?”, he said in a scary-calm voice, making his performance even eerier. I noted his working jaw and the steel in his eyes. He was dead serious.

Pale-faced, he nodded and disappeared without saying anything.

I let out the breath I realized I was holding and felt my body relaxing. I so wanted to go home. My head started throbbing so I rubbed my temples, noticing that Ace was still in the same position ten seconds ago. What was he even doing here? Wasn’t he busy with Karen just a second ago?

“Um… you can let go of me. Shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend upstairs?” My voice sounded bitchier than I had intended to.

He stared at me and gave me a look that was as murderous as the one he gave this guy. “He’s still looking at us”, he said in his bored voice. “And that girl is not my girlfriend, you nosy, little baby.”

I would have scolded him for insulting me but he hit the mark. I was really nosy upstairs.

“Whatever. Why are you even here when you can be upstairs having fun with Miss Bitchy McBitchBitch?” Wow, I was really bitchy.

“I can have fun with anyone I want.” His eyes were narrowed as his appearance suddenly getting eerie. “You stupid little girl, what were you even thinking sitting here alone in a room full of drunken guys?”

“Would you stop insulting me! I’m not alone, my friends are coming soon. And just for the record, I didn’t ask for your help. I could’ve handled him on my own.”

He snorted. “You can’t. And you’re an even bigger idiot than I thought if you believe that.”

Okay, that was enough. I threw his arm back away from me and grabbed my purse.

Asshole. What was he thinking saying those things?

I started to make my way through the crowd and found Ruby. She was still at the bar waiting for our drinks.

I told her that I didn’t feel that well and that I was calling an Uber. She looked worried. “Is everything okay? Did something happen?” Yeah, a lot.

“No, just a headache and I’m not feeling well, maybe the flu. Tell Cassy I’m sorry.” I’d handle things with her tomorrow.

Once I was outside, I could feel my lungs expand as I draw in a long breath. I couldn’t wait for that Uber to take me home.

“Where are you going?”, Douchebag asked.


Ace laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. I so wanted to punch him in his stupid face. “What, just because I criticized you, you’re huffy? Such a baby.”

I turned to give him a murderer’s look. “Screw you, Ace. Mind your own business. Don’t you dare to think you’d know anything about me. From now on, we’re just fellow students. Except ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ you don’t get to talk to me – at all.”

His grin vanished as he narrowed his eyes and grabbed firmly my arm.

“Hey?! What–!”, I started when he dragged me to a side street.

He pushed me brusquely against the wall, locking both my hands over my head. His hips cloaked my lower body and he was inches away from me, his spicy after shave filling my nose. A devilish smirk was on his lips that made my heart beat pick up its pace.

 “What if I don’t”, he said again in his scary-calm voice. “What would you do if I drag you to a dark place and tear your clothes off you? No one would see us, no one would know. What would you do?” His words sent shivers down my spine, his voice was too smoky, too grave.

“Let go of me”, I croaked an achy throat, and my confidence all gone.

He grabbed my wrist harder.

“Why were you looking at us upstairs? Looking at me?”, he asked, his lips almost touching mine.

I didn’t know that myself. Probably because I was curious yet I couldn’t say anything to him.

I just couldn’t answer him, instead I just wanted to scream. But the moment I opened my mouth, he put his palm against it. He was holding both my wrists with one hand, yet I couldn’t move them a bit. Maybe I could hit him in his crotch but I realized I couldn’t move my legs at all; he was just too heavy.

Feelings of helplessness overcame me as tears wanted to build up at the corner of my eyes. NO! I’m not going to cry in front of him.

“You’re just a little girl. You’re weak. So be grateful when someone saves you from being in this situation because that guy at the table wanted to do a lot more than just stripping you. He wanted to fuck you.” Finally, he released my wrists. Without giving me so much of a look, he turned around and walked away. My legs were shaking wildly and rising lump formed in my throat.

A moment later, I saw my Uber and quickly got inside the car, turning around to see if that dickhead was gone.

“Your address, kiddo?”, the driver asked.

I told him as my eyes spotted Ace leaning against the wall near the side street he had dragged me to. His arms were folded across his chest while his smirk radiated pure arrogance. As we started driving away from that damn nightclub, I caught once last glimpse at him to see that he was walking away, probably back to his place.

I leaned back on the seat, swallowing that lump in my throat. No, and I’m not going to cry here either.

As I arrived at my room, I quickly changed into a big t-shirt and looked myself in the mirror.

I was small and slender. He was right, if a man tried to hurt me, I couldn’t do very much physically.

My wrists were still rosy from Ace’s grip, and the thought of him only increased my low opinion about him.

I was right, he was an asshole. And a creep. Thank God, I’ve realized that before Cassy could plan a date between us or something like that.

And with that thought I put my head down on my pillow and let finally the tears come out. I’d never felt so damn helpless. Dammit.


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