Kiss me


1. club

Draco P.O.V

I was in my bed room trying to figure out what to do tonight when Blaise calls on this muggle contraption called an I phone " "hey man"I say to Blaise " I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight because I got a friend down at the new club down by the mall I was wondering if you'd be wanting to go?" "Why would I say no those hot chicks dude, Damn! They are on fire! I said. Alright see you there at 7:30 !" "Why seven thirty isn't that a little early for a club?" Oh, you'll see just be there at 7:30 ok bye."

It was 7:30 I slipped on my black leather jacket and apparated to the club. Blaise was standing in the parking lot with a line of people wanting to get in. "Blaise", i said "It's going to at least take an hour to get in." But Blaise just grabbed my arm and pulled me to the front of line. Before the door there was a man that was huge only letting certain people in. And Blaise just said "I am Blaise zabini and this is my friend, Draco malfoy, mystery's boyfriend." I stood there not moving a muscle because I didn't feel like being pummeled into the pavement.

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