The Art of Secret Love

Carter Knowles and her older sister Olivia are the best stylists around. They've dressed everyone from Steven Tyler to Katy Perry. They get called in last minute to help with a One Direction show in their home city of Boston. 1D's opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer, is so impressed with their taste that they hire the girls as their full-time stylists for a six month tour back in Australia.
Before long, Carter finds herself falling for Luke and sometimes she even thinks he might like her too. But she has to stay professional. What would an up-and-coming star like him want with a stylist? It takes everything Carter has not to go for the exciting, nice, cute Australian boy who seems to have everything she could ever want in a guy.


4. The Call

Carter' P.O.V.

I was still up, reading a book in the den, which is just a small room with three glass walls that has pillows, comfy couches, and beanbags everywhere. It's my favorite room in the house - besides the giant walk-in closet that connects my room to Olivia's. It's so easy to relax in here, even when it isn't naturally lit by the sun, like now. The sun had already set a while ago, so I just had on a small reading light on above my head. I was happy to have the day off tomorrow so I could stay up so late and just relax for once. Which was why I was so surprised when our home phone, which was lying next to me, started to ring.

Nevertheless, I picked it up. "Knowles residence, Carter speaking," I answered formally. It was probably just some telemarketers or something. I don't know who else would be calling this late. I looked up to see Olivia standing in the doorway as I waited for an answer. She probably just wanted to see who was calling as well.

"Um, hello," a British voice answered. "I know it's late, I'm sorry if I woke you..." the voice trailed off.

I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't someone trying to sell me something so that I couldn't just politely say that we weren't interested at the moment and hang up. I put the phone on speaker so Olivia could join in. I know she loved to talk and maybe it would mean that I wouldn't have to.

"Of course not," I answered the stranger.

"My sister and I were still awake anyways," Olivia added.

"Oh good, you're both there," another voice answered. This one also had a British accent but his was slightly different.

"Do you mind if I ask who is calling?" I replied, wanting to get straight to the point.

"Oh yes - of course," the first voice said. "We're um...well you've dealt with stars before right? Like in your job?

"Yes. Almost always. Do you have a client in mind or something?" Olivia asked.

"Yes we do," a third British voice answered. How many boys do they need to make a call? "Well, we ourselves are the clients, hopefully. Our hairdresser won't be able to make it to our show tomorrow. I know it's short notice but Harry's hair can't go without professional help-"

"Hey!" The first voice interrupted. I suddenly realized who we were on the phone with. I glanced over at Olivia knowing that she must have too. Her face confirmed my thoughts. Her eyes were practically bugging out of her head and her mouth was hanging open so much that I'm surprised it hadn't hit the floor.

"-Anyways, we would really appreciate it if you could help us our tomorrow before our show at the Comcast Center," the third voice continued.

I just sat there, glancing back and forth between my sister and the phone in my hand. Olivia was speechless. Which meant that I would have to talk.

"Hello? You still there?" Harry Styles asked.

"Oh, yes. Sorry Harry," I replied hurriedly. "Luckily, we have the day off so we'll be able to help out."

"Great," the second voice replied. I now realized that it had been Zayn Malik. They didn't seem too surprised that we had guessed who they were. "They can do it," he seemed to say to someone else.

"Wonderful!" A voice said. Liam Payne.

"We know you had consulted with Lou before so we hoped you'd know roughly what to do." Louis Tomlinson, the third voice, replied. He formed the statement into a question at the end.

"Of course. I'll do some research tonight on your usual styles and then you can tell us exactly what you want tomorrow and we'll be able to replicate it. We can also help with make-up and even clothing if you'd like." I turned the conversation to a more business like one offering our other services. One Direction was vastly known and could definitely help us more noticed as stylists. I wouldn't mind being able to put them on my resume.

"Will you be able to help our opening act as well? 5 Seconds of Summer? Lou usually helps them when they need it as well," An Irish accent asked. Niall Horan.

"Of course. We'd love to help them. We're huge fans of the both of you." Olivia was finally out of her daze and her voice was back to being calm and business-like as it usually is when talking to clients.

"Thanks. The Comcast Center is in Mansfield, we can give you the second," Liam answered.

"No need. We've been plenty of times. We'll see you there tomorrow," I said.

"Bye!" The five boys chorused before I hung up.

I was glad to end the call so I could move on to business. It would be fun styling One Direction for a concert. Even if we're just doing their hair and makeup.

But before I could do anything, Olivia grabbed my hand and started pulling me upstairs to our bedrooms.

"We need outfits! This is going to be AMAZING!"


Luke's P.O.V.

Ashton's phone started ringing again but luckily, I was up and it was on low volume this time. I glanced at the caller ID.

It was Harry again.

"Hello?" I answered. I knew Ash wouldn't mind.

"Luke? Hey. So we talked to those girls from Boston. They'll be able to fill in for Lou tomorrow. Niall asked if they could help you guys if you needed help as well and they said it would be no problem. They seemed pretty cool. I really hope they're hot." Typical Harold.

"Just don't break their hearts before they've finished with everyone so that no one ends up looking like a clown," I joked.

"I'll try not to," he laughed.

"Then again, I think the fans would rather fancy Calum as a clown. Don't you?"

"Oh definitely. I'll see if I can pull a favor with them tomorrow."

"Great. See ya Harold."

"Bye Lucas."

I liked joking around with Harry. He was the closest 1D member to our age and he made us feel like we've been friends forever. Even when he called us Emo's. Niall is pretty great with us too. They all are.

I climbed back into bed for the third time that night. The concert tomorrow will be really good. I can't wait.

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