The Art of Secret Love

Carter Knowles and her older sister Olivia are the best stylists around. They've dressed everyone from Steven Tyler to Katy Perry. They get called in last minute to help with a One Direction show in their home city of Boston. 1D's opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer, is so impressed with their taste that they hire the girls as their full-time stylists for a six month tour back in Australia.
Before long, Carter finds herself falling for Luke and sometimes she even thinks he might like her too. But she has to stay professional. What would an up-and-coming star like him want with a stylist? It takes everything Carter has not to go for the exciting, nice, cute Australian boy who seems to have everything she could ever want in a guy.


3. On the Road Again

Luke's P.O.V.

We were on the road already; just having left the concert in Philadelphia. Everyone was exhausted from the long night and all the other boy were passed out on the bus. I sat in my bunk quietly; pondering what my life would be like in a few months. I had gotten so used to living on a tour bus with Michael, Ashton, and Calum that I had almost forgotten what the world was like outside of these closed quarters. It would be so weird once the tour was over and the four of us would go our separate ways for a few months before meeting up again in Australia for a tour of our home country.

The boys and I had made the decision a couple months ago to buy a house in Australia so we could all move in with each other. The house was big enough so that we could get our space from the others if we needed to but we would still be able to see each other any time we wanted. There were so many stories of bands who split up not long after they became famous, which I guess we are.

I still find it so weird to think of myself as famous.

Anyways, we all decided that the reason bands broke up was either because of not enough communication or because of too much communication. We wanted to make sure that everyone's opinion was voiced so that no one was upset that they weren't getting what they wanted. We also wanted to make sure that we had our own lives and our own free time so that we didn't get completely sick of each other. We had spent so much time together over the last few months of touring, that we felt more like brothers to each other than bandmates.

But from what I've seen from our tour buddies/mentors, One Direction, that is completely normal.

Hanging out with the boys of 1D is also really helpful to our learning experience of becoming a band because they are so well liked and they all get along with each other the majority of the time so they must be doing something right. They're also really easy to go to when you need advice and they were very welcoming of us in the first place. Now I feel as if I've known the British/Irish boys my whole life.

Just as I was thinking about all the times they had been there for us, my thoughts were interrupted by a loud ringing noise.

I smiled to myself as I heard the noise wake the boys who were scrambling to get the phone to stop the noise. As I peered out from my bunk, I saw Ashton was searching around on a table frantically, trying to see which of our phones was ringing. I glanced down at the floor, bemused at what I saw. In their hurry to get our of their beds, Michael and Calum must have gone wrong somehow because Michael was on his stomach, with his face smushed against the floor and Calum was lying on him, moaning.

"Everyone alright?" I asked from my bunk.

Calum just looked at me confused, I don't even think he realized he was on top of Michael. Michael responded by grunting that Calum was crushing him which was when the little brunette boy realized he was not on a lumpy floor, but a person.

"Ashton, did you get-" Calum started as he got off Michael.

"Found it!" Ashton yelled as he picked up the ringing phone.


Ashton's P.O.V.

I was flipping through everything on the table, trying to find the obnoxiously buzzing object while being slightly amused with the events that were playing out by the bunks. I don't think Calum was even awake enough to realize he wasn't in his bed anymore, never mind on top of Michael.

Right as I heard Calum say my name and start to ask a question, my hand rested on the buzzing phone.

"Found it!" I yelled over to the other boys.

I looked down at the phone. My phone, I realized. I looked down at the caller ID which read 'Harry, the Curly One' before pressing the accept button and answering.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey mate, sorry to wake you," the familiar British voice answered. I guess I sounded more sleep-deprived than I thought.

"It's fine Harry. What's going on?" I said his name out loud so that other boys would know who I was talking to.

"I just wanted to give you a heads up that Lux is pretty sick, so Lou won't be there for the concert in Boston tomorrow. The boys are all freaking out about their hair. Well, except for Liam, that is." Harry seemed a bit worried about not having Lou there.

"I hope Lux feels better." I thought for a second before remembering something from a while ago. "What about those girls Lou was consulting with on the phone the other day? Aren't they from Boston? I'm pretty sure they do hair too. And they're supposed to be really good. I guess they're kinda famous for it," I say, remembering more and more about it now. Lou had told me about them after the call. She had seemed impressed with them which had to mean that they are pretty good at what they do even though they were younger than most of 1D. Around the same age as the boys and myself, I think.

"That sounds like a great idea. Thanks Ash. Tell the other Emo Boys not to be surprised if there are some girls they don't know in our dressing room tomorrow. I'll give them a ring now. Hope they can do it." He answered, before ending the call.

I turned to the rest of the boys who were all looking at me, waiting to be filled in. I told them what Harry had said about Lou and Lux and how I remembered Lou's conversation with some local girls who I thought might be able to help. The boys all nodded before climbing sleepily back into their beds.

I crawled back into my bunk as well, thinking how it's weird that I was so tired just a few minutes to the point that I was practically stumbling around drunkenly, looking for that phone, even though I wasn't actually drunk. But now, lying in my bunk, all I can think about, is tomorrow. I hoped that the stylists would be able to come so we would have someone to tame Harry's hair. But I was also intrigued to see what they would be like. Would they be all business or would they be fun? Would they be pretty or would they even know who we are? From what I had heard of Lou's conversation, one of the girls seemed to be a fan of the boys, maybe even us, but the other seemed to have other priorities; like what kind of image the boys wanted and what sort of hairstyles would go best. She talked about the best makeup that would appear natural and what the cameras might pick up on.

I tried to picture the different girls.

I pictured the fan girl to be the younger one. Maybe blonde hair and big, wondering eyes. I saw her as short and skinny and full of energy.

The business-oriented girl, I pictured to be older, maybe around my age. She had shoulder-length dark brown hair. She was tall, standing perfectly straight with intense eyes as she summed up everyone in the room.

It will be fun to see if I'm even close to right with my prediction of the girls.

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