Assassin's of Faith

A young male at the age of 19 is pretty bored at his job being an errand boy for the Milton Company of Trade. Gray doesn't enjoy the job either, but his days of being an errand boy is over when he meets his father. His father is a master assassin with skills to kill. Gray Kyser changes his path and walks into his father's footsteps.


1. Where Faith Leads Me

     My life story is actually a total hell. Mr. Gibbs thinks I'm a special kind of errand boy, but the truth is it's actually not of my liking. Most of the errand boys are fucking ass-kissers, those low-life pricks. Well it isn't much to do as an errand boy anyways. You just get a delivery, go to the place in the city they tell you, and deliver the package. Right now I'm on my way to my work place, which is a place for shitless minds like me. Milton Company of Trade. The name isn't really what we do. Trading isn't no where near what we actually do. The builder's misheard the manger of the company. It was suppose to be Milton Company of Treed. Don't tell me how they got it all mixed up, cause I have no clue. I approach the city bus to take me to my job, and as usual I forgot my wallet. I seriously need to keep it beside my nightstand. So I do what I always do. Look up at the elderly man, give him a smile, and walk away. I reach into my black jacket and grab my phone. I had one message from Dale. Dale thinks I'm his friend, but to me he is mind fucked into this friendship. Other than my hatred for him, I actually like him. He always helps when I need it. The message was saying "Forgot your wallet again?" Well I'm not on the bus, so yeah I did. I ignore the message and call him. I wait for him to answer. It rings a few times and then he answers.

   "Gray? Wh-why are you calling?" Dale asks, he seems a bit shaky and nervous. I sigh and shake my head. 

   "I'm calling because I need a ride to my job, and you're my only option." I say. I hear a voice from the other side of the phone asking who it is. I sigh again and facepalm. He is in the bed with his girlfriend Chelsy Pane. And he isn't sleeping. He is giving her a morning sexual interaction. Which is sex. 

   "I texted you asking if you did. Bro you need to keep it on you. I'll pick you up. Are you at the bus stop?" Dale asks. I hear some rumbling. He must be getting out of bed now. I look up at the street sign. Raimer Ave. is what I am on.

   "I'm on Raimer Ave. do you think I am at the bus stop?" I ask in sarcasm. 

   "Yeah, you are. Hold on I'll get ready and pick you up." Dale asks. I roll my eyes. 

   "Okay. Thanks." I say. He hangs up and I put my phone back into my jacket pocket. I lean on the pole. This is my everyday routine.


   "Mr. Kyser you're late." Patrica says. Patrica Drills is a blonde woman who is twenty-seven, she always wears a black dress suit. She does look really beautiful, but I'm not here to get a hot girlfriend, I'm here to get money, and get a better job than this shit. I give her a sarcastic smile. 

   "The bus was late." I say as I walk to my boss's room. 

   "The bus wasn't late. It came over here an hour ago." Patrica says. She gives me a deathly glare.

   "You already know the story, why the hell are you asking me?" I ask. She rolls her eyes.

   "Dale can't get your ass all the time Gray! Get a car or take the bus!" Patrica says. I turn around still walking. I give her another smile. 

   "Patrica, that's not very lady like." I say. I put my hand on the knob of Mr. Gibbs' door. She clenches her fists and walks away. Her blonde hair flows behind her. I still have my smile. I open Mr. Gibbs' door and he looks up from his papers. 

   "Mr. Kyser you're late. Again." Mr. Gibbs says. I close my eyes and try not to look into his brown eyes. He is a short bald guy who is a little girth. His eyebrows are bushy which all the girls in this company laugh and pick on him behind his back. I kinda feel sorry for the guy. 

   "It won't happen again." I say. I open my eyes and he is looking at me. His suit makes him look kinda fatter than usual. 

   "You always say that Mr. Kyser. Here is the package for today. Its on Ivy Street." He hands me the box, and looks back at his papers. I nod, and go out the door. Patrica walks pass me not even giving eye-to-eye contact. Damn those light blue eyes are beautiful. I always loved a woman with blue eyes. I have brown hair that is straight, and I have the beiber style. My eyes are light blue, just like my mother's. I walk down the stairs and outside the building. The wind blows my hair back and I lower my head to prevent it. My hair covers my eyes. I look back up and brush my hair with my hand to the side. I swear I need a haircut. I get to the street and look at the package. The address is Ivy St. 200984. I find the house address and walk up the stairs. The house is made of brick and with some windows busted out. The roof has a tin over it. I look inside the door's window and I can't see anything. I knock on the door and wait. A man who looks about fifty opens it. He has straight grey hair that almost covers his eyes. He has a mustache and a goatee. He has brown eyes and he is wearing a white tank top with white sweatpants. I step back as he walks out the door. 

  "Who are you?" He asks. I smile, and offer a hand shake. 

  "Gray Kyser. An errand boy from Milton Company for Trade." I say. He sighs and motions for me to come in. The hallway is torn and the wall has cracks. He stops and turns around. 

   "My son finally comes to vist me?" He asks. I give him a confusing look. 

   "My father is dead. He died." I say. He looks at me. 

   "I'm your father. I need to tell you something important." He says. 

   "You're lying." I say as I walk away. He grabs my wrist and he turns me around. 

   "I'm your father George Kyser. I didn't die. I was in a group, and I didn't want you to get involved." George says. I feet my heart beat out of my chest. "Your mother took care of you. She quit the group to take care of you." George turns around. 

   "My mother died a few days ago." I say. He nods. 

   "I need to tell you that you should be careful. You're from a bloodline of assassins." George says. I make a sarcastic laugh. 

   "That's really fun then. I have a target on my back now." I say being happy, but sarcastic. 

   "Quit being sarcastic. You could die right about now." George says. He looks at me. 

   "Well having a big target on my back is the best thing ever!" I say. "You jackass better not be lying!" I say in anger. He snaps a pistol in my face. 

   "You will follow in my footsteps. You have great skills. If you don't you will be eliminated." George says. He drops the pistol in my hand. 

   "But where do I go? I have a shitty job anyways." I say. He begins to walk into the living room. 

   "Its at an abandoned mansion. We took over it a hundred years ago." George says. He walks away. I leave the package on the chair and walk out of his house. 


   It is midnight and I am looking over my report papers from work. I have on a black muscle shirt with my jeans from today. I sigh at how much money I have gotten. I get up and walk out of my house. I walk down the sidewalk going to the store to buy some food and drinks since I had my birthday party and I have nothing now. I close my eyes and have my hands in my pocket. "An abandoned mansion huh? My bloodline sucks." I say boringly. I look up and a girl runs into me. She bumps into my shoulder and then she falls down. She has blonde hair. I can't clearly see her face. The strands of her hair are covering parts of her face. She is wearing a jacket. It is grey, with a sleeve torn off. I notice blood running down her arm. I step back. She grabs my sneaker and her eyes open a little. They are brown. She pulls herself closer to my foot. I notice another wound on her thigh. I step back again, she grabs my jeans. 

   "Are y-you Gray Ky-Kyser?" She asks weakly. 

   "Yeah, I am." I say. She sighs in relief.

   "You father wanted, you to join-" She coughs out some blood. I was about to lose my mind. I can't handle to much blood. She looks at me. "Our group." She sits up and she is holding two pistols. They have blood on the sides of them. She hands me one of them. I can now see her face. She has brown eyes, and she looks really pretty. "Shoot the person running at us." She holds her side and winces in pain. I look to my left and see a man in a hood covering his face, running at us. 

   "Hey! Boy get away from her! She needs to be under arrested!" The man says. He pulls out a pistol and points it at me, then at her. She punches my leg and yells now! I hesitate and she punches me again.

   "You jackass shoot him! He is a policemen trying kill you!" She says. I have no clue what to do. If I pull the trigger I kill a cop. If I don't I might as well lose my life. I point the pistol to him and he points his at me. My hands are shaking and she punches me in my rib and my finger squeezes the trigger and the gun goes off. I look in shock as the man falls down. The woman stands up and takes her pistol away from me. She holds her side and she points the other one at him and shoots him again. She looks at me. "You are an assassin. You have no choice but to become one. Your father has chosen your path fro you." She says. Her arm is badly injured. She wipes the blood from her forehead.

   "You forced me to shoot a cop!" I yell. I am in fear, and nervous. I have killed a cop and I could be wanted right now. She rolls her eyes, and chuckles in sarcasm. 

   "You act like you've never done this before. You're an assassin. Its in you instincts to kill." She says. I smile in sarcasm. 

   "I never had to kill anyone. By the way. Why do you even think I have?" I ask. She smiles. 

   "You just did. I don't have time to do this chat with you. You are an assassin and that's that." She says. I look up like a nervous wreck. 

   "I don't even know your name, and you approach me like you know me!." I say. She smiles and offers a handshake. 

   "I'm Tracy Wilson. Nice to meet you." Tracy says. She doesn't know how much that just annoyed me. 

   "You asswipe. You are one sarcastic woman." I say. I begin to walk away, but she grabs my shoulder and turn me around. 

   "I just saved your life. You owe me. Come join our group of assassins." Tracy says. I look at her. 

   "I saved my life. What if I don't?" I ask. She smiles. She clenches her fist and punches me in the stomach. I drop to my knees. I for damn sure felt that. 

   "You don't have a choice." Tracy says. She smiles, and then she picks me up to my feet. I hold my stomach and I look at her. 

   "Fine I'll go." I say. I wince at my stomach aching in pain. She pats me on my back. 

   "You didn't have a choice." She says. She walks down the street and pulls out a car key. She presses a button and a I hear a car light up. It is a cherry red convertible Corvette Stingray. It is the 2016 edition. My eyes grow big as I see it. She walks to it and she opens the door. and she gets in the driver side. She looks at me and smiles. "Don't keep looking. Get your ass in." I couldn't help it, but I cracked a smile and ran to the passenger side. I opened the door and got my ass in. She looks at me. "You like cars don't you?" She asks. I keep looking at the dashboard. 

   "My mother worked on cars so I know a little about them." I say. I look at her. She smiles and shifts in drive, and we go down the street. 

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