Assassin's of Faith

A young male at the age of 19 is pretty bored at his job being an errand boy for the Milton Company of Trade. Gray doesn't enjoy the job either, but his days of being an errand boy is over when he meets his father. His father is a master assassin with skills to kill. Gray Kyser changes his path and walks into his father's footsteps.


2. Two Birds, One Kill

   Now that I know I'm an assassin and I should start watching my back, my life is getting interesting. I mean its not like everyone gets to become an assassin. It does have a scary feeling to it, but also its pretty amazing. Tracy keeps her eyes on the road, and she turns on the radio. The station is R&B, a station I somewhat listen to. I look at Tracy. 

   "So how does this assassin thing work? Like what do you do?" I ask. 

   "The first thing you have to do is get training. Hotshot will be your man for that. He is a Russian who knows how to train young assassins. He is a grumpy one so you might not get the training until he knows you well. If he doesn't train you, then our master will. He was a football coach, but he retired. He should be welcoming you when we return." Tracy says. She doesn't take her eyes off the road. 

   "So were you ever trained by them?" I ask. She shakes her head. 

   "I was trained by my mother. She joined the group when I was a baby. She's been training me ever since I could walk." Tracy says. 

   "What about your dad?" I ask. 

   "My dad was assassinated by my mother. She was given a contract she couldn't refuse. She hesitated to kill him, but she did it. She quit the group shortly after, and she trained me." Tracy says. I felt sorry for Tracy's mother. 

   "My mother is dead, and my father is probably about to be too." I say. Tracy stops at a red light and she looks at me. 

   "Your father served as an assassin to protect you. If he didn't then he wouldn't have had the skill and abilities to kill your mother's brother." Tracy says. She smiles. "I'm sure you'll be a fine assassin." I smile too. 

   "I'm sure I will too." I say. Tracy nods and she looks back at the lights. The light turns green and she steps on the gas pedal. We arrive at the mansion. I get out of Tracy's car and look at the big house. It is three stories high. It is made of wood, and painted brown. It has a chimney. Tracy walks over to me. I look at her. She has dried blood on her forehead, and her arm.

   "I'll show you to your new room, and then I got to take a shower to wash my blood off." Tracy says. I nod. We walk in the house. There are four people standing in the kitchen. Two girls and two guys. One girl has long brunette hair that goes to her shoulder blades with brown eyes. She is wearing a red shirt with a light brown leather jacket and dark jeans with black heels. The other has long black hair that covers most of her forehead and some of her eyebrows. She has blue eyes. She is wearing a black leather jacket and leather-looking pants with biker boots. There is a knife holder on her left leg. She has a sword on her back. The man has blonde hair that is like Gray's. He has brown eyes. He isn't wearing a shirt. He has on grey sweatpants, and wearing no shoes. The other man has dark brown hair that is short. He is wearing a black tank top with dark jeans and black sneakers. Tracy nods at them, and I look away from them. 

   "Who is this kid?" One of the girls ask. 

   "He is the one we've been searching for. Gray Kyser." Tracy says. Tracy walks into the living room, and then upstairs. She looks back to see if I'm following her. She looks ahead. She gets up the stairs and she walks to a door. "This is your room. You will now live here. I'll take you back to your house to get your things. But for right now enjoy your room." Tracy says. She opens the door and she walks away. I walk into the room. There is a big window where a bed is, and a huge painting hanging on the wall. There is a dresser by the other side of the wall. I walk to the nightstand where a picture of a baby and a man is sitting. I pick it up and look at it. 

   "This was your mother's room before she quit the group to care for you." A man says. I look behind me and see a man with black long hair and brown eyes. He has a trench coat on that covers his clothing. He smiles at me. "Welcome home Gray." I set the picture down. 

   "When do I start my training?" I ask. He walks to the center of the room. 

   "When you kill your first target. You're not a member yet. Kill a rival, or a person you hate." He says. I pull out the pistol my father gave me. 

   "So I have to kill a rival or a enemy? That should be easy." I say. He smiles. 

   "You're eager like your father, and strong willed like your mother." He says. He looks at me with a serious look. "Remember one thing. We work in the dark. To serve the light." He says. "You assassinate people, not for money, for faith. We're the Assassin's of Faith." I nod. But to be honest I heard assassins make great money. Cha-Ching! Jackpot! Money is what I need. Tracy has a Corvette, the newest Corvette. I could get a way better car than her! Right now this is the life! I give the man a smile that hides a thousand lies. I can't believe I'm going to make so much more money than Dale, Patrica, and even Mr. Gibbs. Anyways I got an asshole to kill. I take the train back to the city. I look at my phone. I have one bar left. I look through my contacts thinking who I should kill. Dale could go, but I'd have to do it without his girlfriend seeing. I go on to Patrica. Damn would I like to blow a bullet in her head. But since she is at my work I can't. To my next contact. Mr. Gibbs. I could really make Patrica's life horrible also. Two birds with one kill. I smile at my thoughts. This could really be a slaughter. I'm sorry Mr. Gibbs, but its the end of the line. I arrive at the company, and I go inside. Its about midnight so only Mr. Gibbs will be here. I walk though the doors, and into the main lobby. Jenny who is a redhead and has a pretty face, and who probably gets skull-fucked every Friday is standing behind the counter. She gives me a warming smile. 

   "Hello Gray. Did you forget something?" Jenny asks. 

   "Yes." I say. She nods and looks back at her little desk and she walks toward it. I head to the elevator. I don't take the stairs since I need to do this quickly. I check the ammo in the pistol. All six bullets are in the cartage. I smile and think. Its beginning to look alot like Christmas. The elevator doors open and I walk out. I hold the gun behind my left leg. I turn the corner to go into Mr. Gibbs' office and I bump into Kelly Clark. She is a blonde who is a bit smaller than me. She has green eyes and wears glasses. She has on a dark blue dress suit. 

   "I'm sorry Gray. I didn't mean to" Kelly says. I smile. 

   "No worries. Its okay you didn't do it on purpose." I say. Kelly is our newest employee. She's only been here for two days now. Yesterday and today. Kelly smiles and she walks away. She does look beautiful when she smiles, but to be honest she probably doesn't have a boyfriend. Everyone talks about how self-centered she is. She cares more about herself than most woman do. From what the guys say. She's a virgin. I keep walking to Mr. Gibbs' office. I cock the pistol and hold it by my side. I see his office door in the hallway and I walk to it. I hide the gun and knock on the door. He says come in and I sigh. I open the door, and Mr. Gibbs looks at me. 

   "Gray. You're back in here. Why is that?" Mr. Gibbs asks. I lower my head, and sigh. 

   "Patrica Drills is giving me a hard time, and so I want to quit." I say. Mr. Gibbs looks serious and almost frustrated. 

   "But Gray you're my best errand boy! You love this job do you not?" He asks. He also is nervous that maybe the best errand boy is leaving. I really don't give a damn about this job. That's why I'm here to kill him, and make Patrica's life a total face-fucking hell. 

   "Mr. Gibbs, I'm sorry, but I have to go. Miss Drills is giving me such a hard time." I say. I am such a good liar! He sighs and he turns around in his chair. He searches for a retire paper for me to sing. This is my chance to blow his brains on the window. I quickly take out the pistol and point it to his bald back head. He notices what I did by looking at the reflection in the mirror. Oh does he start getting nervous. I sorta love the feeling of being in charge. I am in the driver seat now, and the exit is a bullet to the back of his head. I grin and pull the trigger. I watch as his blood spatters over the window. He falls sideways out his chair. I look back and see no one in sight. I walk out and start walking to the elevator. I just killed my boss, and fucked Patrica's life. Now she won't be bragging how much she loves to work for that fat bald bastard. Now the company is fucked. Without a manger, it goes without money. I push the first floor button on the elevator and the doors open. I walk in and I smile. I walk out of the elevator when I get to my floor. Jenny sees me again. 

   "So did you get your thing?" She asks.

   "Yep, and I ain't coming back." I say. 

   "That's good." Jenny says. I smirk. Its as good as it can get. I walk out of the building. I begin to walk down the sidewalk. I cherry red Corvette is parked beside where I am walking. Tracy calls my name and I stop and look at her. 

   "You killed your first target. Now you're an assassin. That policemen doesn't count." Tracy says. I smile. 

   "Well I had to end my old job somehow." I say. Tracy opens the passenger side door. 

   "Get in. I'll take you to the house." Tracy says. I nod and I walk to the passenger side and get in. I close the door. Tracy starts the engine and she turns around and drives down the street. 

   "So who was your first target?" I ask looking at Tracy. 

   "Definitely wasn't my boss." Tracy says joking with me. "I can't say."

   "You can't remember?" I ask. 

   "I do, but I don't want you to know the name or gender. Only the master knows." Tracy says.

   "So its a secret. A mystery person." I say. I look out the window at the buildings going by as we pass them.

   "To others yes. To me no." Tracy says. I nod.  

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