The story of Oversight sans


5. Unknown

      I heard frantic pounding somewhere near me. The back of my head hurt and my mind felt fuzzy. I covered my face with my hands, wanting the loud pounding to stop. What sounded like a voice yelling something nervously, joined in with the frantic pounding. “Hey, kid!? Are you okay?” When I could finally make out what the voice was saying, I sat up slowly. “Y-yeah… I’m fine” I said swatting at the air, my voice clearly shaking. “Are you sure...? I heard a loud thud while I was at the register…” The teen sounded worried. I put my hand on the floor next to me and lifted myself up. “Yeah, I’m sure, I just fell off the counter.” I said as I stood, trying to balance myself. The teen was silent for a few seconds then responded “Why were you even on the counter” The teen paused. “Oh... never mind. I can see that happening… cause your pretty sho-” the teen cut himself off. He was trying to call me short, I thought to myself. But I didn’t get offended. It was true, I was short. “Well, if you need anything, I’ll be back at the counter.” I heard a few footsteps then the steps suddenly stopped. “And, try not to hurt yourself again.” The teen said, then continued to walk away from the door. When the footsteps grew silent, I sighed. Walking to the mirror, I turned my head to the left slightly. "That's going to be sore..." I said rubbing the back of my head. After putting a bandage on the back of my head, I unlocked the bathroom door, and walked to the counter. "Oh, hey" The teen said as he looked at me from the counter. There was a chair about as high as the counter, only a little bit shorter. The teen looked a little nervous as I climbed up onto the chair, and sat down. There was an awkward silence for a few minutes until the teen interrupted it. "Uh... I didn't tell you my name, did I? Well, I’m David.” He held out his hand for me to shake it. I hesitated for a second, then reached my hand out to his and gave it a light shake. “So… uh, what’s your name? I rather not keep calling you kid.” David laughed slightly. “My name is sans.” I said taking a breath. David seemed pleased as he slightly leaned back in his chair. “Alright, Sans, Tell me stuff.” I stared at him with a blank expression. “What do you mean by stuff?” David shrugged. “I don’t know, just stuff. Like, what are you doing here? Are you looking for something? If so, then what?” I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, not knowing what to talk about. “Well…” I paused, taking a second to think. “I-I honestly don’t know how I got here…” “What do you mean?” David said looking a little confused. I looked at the floor, setting my hands on my knee-caps. “I woke up outside this place… I-I don’t remember much from before I woke up here… I just… d-don’t know how I ended up here…” I stuttered as I began to grip onto my knees. “Well, do you have place to go…or even stay?” David looked at me concerned. I shook my head, loosening the grip on my knee. “I guess you could stay at the hotel with me...” I looked up at David. “R-really?” He nodded as he rose from his seat, and grabbed a pair of keys. “I mean, it is almost time to close, I guess I could close this place a little early. I’m sure my boss wouldn’t mind.” I climbed down the chair I was sitting in and stood beside David. “Let’s go, little dude.” David looked down at me and smiled.


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