The story of Oversight sans


3. The first aid kit

       The cool air rushed at me as I opened the door. I could smell hotdogs and something greasy. I stepped inside, my hand still over my eye. When I looked across the room, I could see a counter with someone’s feet set up on the counter top. I walked, stumbling slightly, towards the counter. When I arrived at the counter, the teen who had his feet up on the counter, looked over the magazine he was reading. He seemed to notice something was up right when he saw me. Because, he set his feet on the floor, and closed the magazine, setting it onto the counter. ”Hey…um, kid?” he looked worried and concerned. “Are you alright?” I nodded. The teen didn’t look too convinced. “Can you tell me where the first aid kits are?” He stood up, came out from behind the counter, and gestured his hand at me to follow. I followed him down a section, and he tried to make a bit of small talk.” So, kid, where you from?” I wanted to tell him I wasn’t really a kid. When I didn’t answer, he asked a different question. “Are you sure you’re okay?” I just nodded. He stopped at a section with bandages, and small red boxes. “Here we are” he said as he picked up one of the small boxes, and handed it to me. “So uh, that will be two dollars and fifty cents.” I stared at the box. “Do you even have any money?” he said. I shook my head slowly, looking down, and placed the small box back on the shelf. The teen stuffed his hands in his pockets. “Well, that’s okay; I’ll pay for it, kid” I looked up at him. I knew I needed a first aid kit, but I didn’t want him to spend his money on me. But I only nodded.

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