The story of Oversight sans


2. Strange place

     My head hurt. Bad. The pain coming in waves, making me slightly light-headed. What happened...? I thought hazily. I opened my eyes slowly, my head still throbbing. A sharp twinge of pain came upon my left eye. I couldn't help closing my eyes and quickly covering my left eye with both of my hands. I tried not to scream. Wherever i was, i didn't want to attract too much attention. When the pain eased a little, i moved my hands away. I knew better than to open both of my eyes now. So, i opened my right eye by itself. In front of me was an empty parking lot. I looked to my right. There was a glass door, light shining out from the glass. I gently ran my hand on the brick wall beside me. It was pretty obvious what I had to do now. I put my hand to the wall, hesitating. Putting my other hand on the ground, I slowly lifted myself up. The stabbing pain came back from my left eye, but more intense this time. I tried to ignore it, but the pain only escalated. I slumped back on the ground, putting both of my hands on my left eye. After a while, I removed my hands. I let my hands hang from my knees and looked back at the door. Out of the corner of my right eye, I noticed something on my hand. As I turned my head, it became more visible of what it was. Blood. I turned my hands over. There were no wounds on my hands, but there was blood on them. A single thought came across my mind, as I stared at my hands. I slowly lifted one of my hands to my left eye, and gingerly placed a finger under my eye. Then, I put my hand in front of me. A fresh streak of blood was on my finger, from my eye. I grew dizzy, my mind racing, as I placed one of my hands on my left eye. Setting my other hand on the ground, once again, I lifted myself up. After I managed to stand halfway, I placed the hand that was on the ground, onto the wall. I took one step, my head began to hurt. Moving my hand, I took another step towards the door. Before I was in front of the glass door, I took my hand away from the wall, steadying myself. I moved taking another step, almost falling, but quickly balanced myself with the wall again. Taking my hand from the wall, I set my hand in the pocket of my hoodie. My right hand still covering my left eye. I stepped in front of the glass door and opened it.

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