The story of Oversight sans


4. No scratch

After the teen bought the first aid kit for me, I went straight to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I set the small box on the counter top, as I climbed up onto the counter. Now I could see why the teenager thought I was a kid, I couldn’t even see myself in the mirror without having to climbing up onto the counter. Trying to take my mind off of how short I was, I opened the first aid kit. I took out the bandages and the antibacterial skin wipe, thinking that there was a cut under my left eye. I removed my hand from my eye, and scooted up towards the mirror, still keeping my eye closed. After cleaning the blood from under my eye thoroughly, I examined under my eye, looking for a cut, or some sign of a bruise. There was nothing there. Not even a mark. I sat on the counter, pretty shocked that my eye was bleeding before, but there was no evidence where. Not wanting to ponder on that thought anymore, I scooted down the counter, letting the tip of my right foot touch the floor, keeping my left leg on the counter top. I let myself drop, forgetting that my foot was on the counter still. My right foot swept under me, causing me to fall backwards and hit my head on the floor. Then everything went dark. 

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