Dramatic Irony (a story about stories)

this is a story about me writing stories, about a little kid named jimmy... who writes stories


1. there is no more chapters after this one...



This is the legend of the OP (occasional papers, its an assignment our teacher gives us). It all started with an assignment handed out by the teacher
“One page double space on whatever you want” never before did li’l jimmy be given so much
freedom. He could just write whatever he wanted. A romantic novel about zombies, a space war
against the evil dreaded ‘bug face’. He could even write a court case, but he wouldn't do that
one, that's boring. No what little jimmy decided to do, was something he was fairly certain that
nobody else was doing! He would write the most meta piece of media he could muster the
strength for! (ie: I was out of ideas) he sat down at his computer and wrote a story about a 15
year old boy, who sat down and wrote a story for his English. Just then a celestial being floated
in from the sky!
“Lil jimmy!” it cried. Air was blowing from the stage manager's fans making it hard for little jimmy
to speak.
“Little jimmy i need you to do a incredibly important job for me!” the angel screamed at jimmy.
(the microphone wasn't working)
“I need you to go do your homework!” it cried out.
“I'm doing my homework right now” little jimmy said right as the lights and fans went of.
“Oh, i guess continue with what you're doing! Uh… good-good job” the angel flashed a thumbs
up and disappeared. This gave little jimmy a bright idea! He would right a story about three
people in a band that die and have to use their skills to fight satan! The whole thing will be full of
nods and jokes to classic rock. He decided to sit down and write it out in November. Than by
December he dropped the whole idea because coming up with ideas to write about is hard.
That's never been done before! Than the narrator (that's me) turned to the camera and said
“The moral of the story is that looks only matter and what's underneath is nothing compared to if
you're beautiful or not, and if you're not beautiful you should be burned at the stake for not
conforming to societal customs” Wow this got really political...

also yes, I'm turning this in for points at school...

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