The Mark

The Grim Reaper is no longer able to claim lives directly.

A short story based off of a prompt I found on Pinterest.


2. The Mark

My name is Caroline, and I am being hunted.


Two days ago I received the mark. That is why I am writing this, so that maybe once they've found me this might get to my parents. Also, as far as I know no one with the mark has written down their experiences, so maybe I can help, for science purposes. I'm going to write down everything that I know about this, so, mom, dad, once you've finished reading this, please make sure it gets to the right people.


Mom and dad, you were right. It's almost like you knew that this would happen. You told me that nothing good happens to people who go to college now, too many people there to witness if it happens.


Of course, you couldn't have known it would actually happen to me. Still. I wish that I had listened to you.


I'm not even the first one here for this to happen to. A little over two months ago a guy was giving a presentation to the class when his whole face exploded into black lines.


The Reaper's Mark.


At first no one moved. We all were in shock at what had just happened. At what we all were now required to do.


The poor dead guy just continued presenting as if nothing had happened. Funny enough, he was talking about the value of life.


It was the professor that finally did it.


He stood and walked over to the marked student, placing a hand comfortingly on his shoulder and said, "That’s enough for now. I need to speak with you for a moment." Then they both stepped into the professor's office.


For a moment, silence, then a horrific scream of pain and death.


The professor exited his office a minute later wearing a completely new outfit. This was not the first time he was required to kill for the reapers.


I wish that none of this had happened.


We were all doomed to live a life of fear and murder the day that The Reapers appeared. People across the world panicked as Reapers appeared in every country, every town, on every road, and in every house. Every person in the world cringed as they were charged with killing any person that received The Mark, "or else."


The government played it off as a disease. At first everyone had fought it. We were told that the figures were terrorists. The mark was just a symptom of the disease. Marked people were protected by the government and anyone who killed one was punished, but that quickly changed.


Anyone who received the mark, if not killed, goes mad. Not just crazy, murderously mad. They become like rabid dogs, killing whatever and whomever they come in contact with. I know, my aunt almost killed my mother when she got the mark.


I had thought that nothing could be done about it because I knew the truth. The figures were Grim Reapers. For some reason, Reapers can no longer reap souls. Since they appeared no one has died. Well, no one has died unless they are killed by someone else, or they kill themselves. That’s why they get the mark. Anyone who receives the mark was supposed to be killed by the Reapers.


I am supposed to be dead.


I've survived though. I've kept my mark hidden. I've kept it hidden until today.


The marks reveal themselves. I knew that. So when a random branch from the tree I was walking under with my friends grabbed my sleeve and tore it open, I wasn't surprised.


My friends, they looked horrified when they saw it. We were all close, I'm even dating one of them! My boyfriend had recovered first. He grabbed his knife that he was so proud of because it was the biggest knife that one could carry based on the law for killing the Marked. I can only hope that he would have changed his mind if he knew that one day he would be using that same knife to kill me.


They chased me into the science hall of the school. I'm hiding in the janitor's closet as I write this. I should turn the light off, they'll see the light shining under the door. I should hide until they pass then run away.


But, I don't want to.


I don't want to hide for the rest of my life. I don't want to hurt anyone because I was too scared to die.


It will be my choice to die. I will die in my own time and in my right mind.


This is it. Whoever finds this note, please make sure that my friends know I don't blame them. It was just my turn to go.


Goodbye Mom and Dad. I love you both. 

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