Race z.m.

"you don't belong here you...belong with me"
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2017 all rights reserved.


1. p r o l o g u e

Race Zayn Malik Fan fiction

I cant believed he lied to us. How could he keep this secret for so long ?

I fucking fell for the whole act and here i am heartbroken. I shake my head as i kick the sand, i thought he was different, he lied to me this whole time. And now i'm standing here like a fool. My brothers warned me about him, thinking there was something suspicious about him and they were right.

He was only here for one reason and that was to complete his job, I stare off to the distance watching the waves, I thought i could trust him, i told him everything about myself.

What if his feelings were a lie as well ?

Of course they were. He never really cared about me.

I sit down on a rock and look down at my hands, feeling the warmth of the sun hit me.

Why did i have to fall for him ?

What made me fall for him ?

I have all these questions but no answers. 

He was leaving today, do i go and chase him ?

Or do i stay here and forget anything ever happened between us?

"Are you up for one last drive ?'' I knew that thick British accent.

I turn around and there he was.

The man i fell in love with.

 ©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2017 

all rights reserved.


Mariana Rodriguez- Selena Gomez

Zayn Malik- Zayn Malik

Javier Rodriguez- Matthew Daddario

Daniel Rodriguez- Taylor Lautner

Mia Gomez -Maia Mitchell

Andre Mitchell - Mario

Camila Hernadez -Ariana Grande

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