Race z.m.

"you don't belong here you...belong with me"
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2. i.


''Mr. Malik, Agent Matthews is ready to see you now" I look up at the petite women, and stand from my seat. I give her a nod and adjust my tie as i begin to walk into the office across the hall.

"Thank you"She nods and walks away.Has a walk through the bright white hallway i can't help but think about what this meeting was about and why Matthews wanted to see me out of all the agents. I open the door and let myself in to the large office. 

I notice Matthews sitting at his desks, his eyes quickly look up catching up gaze giving me a smile.

"Ah Mr. Malik, i'm glad you could come. take a seat please" I do as he says and look him straight in the eye wanting to get to the point.

" Why was i called in ? Am i getting sent to a different location ?" He chuckles.

"You're not wrong Zayn" He stands up and walks around the office.

"I wanted to give you an important mission, one that i'm sure you will be able to complete" I raise a brow and turn to look at him.

" And what is this mission I will be assigned?" Making my accent a little thicker.

" Santa Monica California is most famously known as a beautiful place...And for street racing." He clears his throat and continues.

" We have been informed that there are indeed a couple of gangs in the area who are racing illegally, selling drugs and stealing illegal car parts. They have been trying to get behind the scene and figure out more information. Having agents go undercover and become a part of the gang. But it's impossible unless they have the looks and play the part." I knew where he was going with this.

" You want me to do this ?'' I ask in disbelief 

" Yes, the gang that we are looking at are really close to each and won't just let anyone in. We want you to get to the bottom of this. we already got you a good car for you drive in and a house down there as well. We also found you a partner who will help you get in and quickly arrest these gangs'' I stare at the window. 

I've been doing this for a long time, going undercover and catching bad guys. But not something this serious... what if something goes wrong what is i risk the life of my family members.

" And how long will i be gone ?" 

" At least a month or two it should go by pretty fast. We won't have you change your first name though. But in order to keep your family safe we will use your middle name as you last name like you always do." I nod. \

My parents didn't like the fact that they had a child involved with the FBI, they knew it was something i loved. I enjoyed helping people and taking out the bad people in this world. I left England a long time ago to come to Washington to help out i was quick and able to fight and catch the bad guys easily.

"So are you in?'' I come back and nod.

"Good, come with me'' We both exit the room and head into a different room with people scattered all over the place. They all stop once they see Matthews walk in.

" Alright his in, now inform him on everything he needs to know'' Everybody quickly goes to there spots and begin to talk one by one shows pictures on the huge screen as we take a seat.

" Alright so the gang that you need to focus on is this one... This is Daniel Rodriguez we know that he is the "King of street racing" Here are the members in his gang''

I learned that Daniel had four members in his gang that were all involve in street racing.

"now we aren't sure if they are involved in stealing car parts or selling drugs, that's why we need you to become a part of there gang'' I nod as a learn the hangouts of this gang and where they race.

"We also found out that Daniel has two siblings but no sign of parents. His brother Javier Rodriguez, his 22 and helps Daniel with the cars and getting them in shape for the races. So try to get close to him" A lady with short hair explains as a picture of Javier and Daniel come up both of them looking similar.

' And lastly their sister Mariana Rodriguez, We have no idea if she is involved with any of this and if she is get the information out of her" The picture came up showing a very beautiful Latina girl. With long brunette hair, beautiful big brown eyes and a beautiful smile.

" Oh and the most important thing of all. They are currently in a feud with another gang across town. We know for sure they are involved in all of these things included murder" 

"Are you ready" I take a deep breath and look around the room.

"Let's kick some ass"

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