i am afraid i might be romanticizing this a little bit

A one-shot.


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i am afraid i might be romanticizing this moment.

to begin with, it was not romantic in any way. it was more of a beautiful moment and i like it that way.  i was working. it was summer. we were standing inside the cafeteria and were getting lunch. the cafeteria had large windows on two of the walls. it was taller than the rest of the buildings so you could see the roofs of other buildings.  we were huddled tiredly in line and were waiting to pay for our food.   the room started to get loud and one of my group looked at the large windows and cursed. we all looked too. it was pouring.the rain fell into puddles on the roofs around us.   we all groaned.  we worked outside.  we had to go strike everything.  i rushed outside and left my food by the door. i was met outside by another member of my group, someone who didn't go to the cafeteria. a few minutes later, we were joined by everyone else.  groups were quickly decided and as teams, we all went to strike. i had the tires. i was with my friend. i pushed on them and she pulled the rope so they were up. i coiled the rope and then we moved on to the seconds one. we did it. i nearly stepped on a frog then we went up to another group. they had looked like they needed help. my friend helped. instead of helping, i stood by the trees and looked up.  everything was wonderful.  the leaves were greened and the sound of the large raindrops hitting them made me want to melt. everywhere looked wonderful. we were all soaked though. but it was lovely. the loveliness of the trees and the rain and the sound and the mist at the tree tops, was simply marvelous. the smacking of the leaves. the bright shades of colors. so many shades. the mist. the mysterious mist. the rain landed on my face. i closed my eyes and felt it smatter on my face. it was lovely. i loved it.i loved it. i loved it. i looked to the group and they were just coiling ropes, but then they gave up. we walked out of the woods.  as soon as we were out, it stopped raining. multiple swears were announced. we walked inside and all were cold.  a group, four of us including me and my friend and those two people we went to help, went to the art room. my mother was working there as she also had a summer job. we went and we each took a smock. we turned and put it on.  i hesitated. the door was right there and my friend was changing right in front of it. i went into an adjoining room and changed.they laughed at me. i looked at their shirts. one was dull and one color. the other two were tie die. mine was boring.  we walked back. we had left a note on the board. we found my mother in the hallway and told her. she told us to take some for the others.  we went back. i found another shirt.  it was extra large. it was navy and it had three red stripes right under the arms. i loved it.  i went into the other room and changed out of my dull white shirt and put on the lovely navy shirt with red stripes. i went back. we picked out shirts.  we walked back. our hair soaked the backs of the shirts.  we talked about where the shirt lengths went on us.  mine went down the further. to my thighs. it couldve been a dress. i really liked my shirt.   we walked back and handed them the shirts. 
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