Takheo's Heroes

A 2-year-old boy, Takheo, diagnosed with an inoperable stage 4 brain cancer named DIPG. A cancer of 0% survival rate. Follow Takheo's journey beating the impossible.


10. This Is No Fair Life!

It is with a heavy heart tonight that I tell you we have brought Takheo back home today. We've tried to keep a hold of hope; yet we all knew when we started that it was going to be a tough road to travel. Momma and dadda met with Tak's doctors about his MRI. It showed that his radiation treatment has had no impact on keeping Takheo's disease under control; and with much sadness in her eyes she told them that his tumor has grown too much since we started that continuing treatment won't do anything for him. I knew this morning when momma and dadda came home with Takheo that there was little hope, as his pain is getting much worse. The rest of today has been a blur to me. We have Takheo's pain under control on palliative care at home. My best friend, who I told about Tak today, told me; "Everything happens for a reason." made me realize how much I really hate that saying! There is no reason for something like this.

We have all spent the entire day one by one curled up next to him, singing to him, whispering sweet nothings in his ear, and kissing his little face. Takheo has filled my life with so much more love than I ever knew existed. He will only have 2 years, but in those two year I have had with my brother have been pure magic, bliss, and we have an unbelievable bond that will never be broken. The thought of being without him is eating at my soul, as he is the best thing that has ever been part of me. As of now, you know I am still hoping for a miracle and not giving up. I will never give up on my baby brother. I will never let him go away from me. Please continue to pray for Takheo and our family. Please don't take anything in your life for granted.


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