Takheo's Heroes

A 2-year-old boy, Takheo, diagnosed with an inoperable stage 4 brain cancer named DIPG. A cancer of 0% survival rate. Follow Takheo's journey beating the impossible.


15. Takheo Wants So Bad To Come Back To Us.

I sat here in Takheo's bed all day with him rubbing his little body that is hurting him so badly. We had a lot of visitors in and out. It was busy here today, but Takheo didn't seem to mind. I spent a lot of the day, curled up with Takheo, crying, crying, crying. It's not a fun place to be right now. My heart breaks for my guy. He's in so so so much pain. The pain medication he is on is just not cutting it. The pain is swallowing him whole as he cannot even move out of bed and even him being carried to the bathroom is torture to our little guy. Listening to the sounds of his screams from the pain is something I will never be able to get out of my head. I swear to god on my life I will fucking live long enough to see a cure for this awful disease. I swear to god I will do whatever I can to help find a cure so no child has to suffer the way I have had to watch my brother suffer. No child deserves this pain and no family deserves this heartbreak.


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