Takheo's Heroes

A 2-year-old boy, Takheo, diagnosed with an inoperable stage 4 brain cancer named DIPG. A cancer of 0% survival rate. Follow Takheo's journey beating the impossible.


12. Home.

Home. That's all there's left. No more hospitals, no more clinics, no more. As I sit here holding Tak in our home, all I can think about is, "Will last summer be his last adventure?" It can't be possible. He was supposed to be coming with us, to Wales soon. He was supposed to be going to St. John with us this summer. He was supposed to go on my most favorite family vacation to Hawaii in two summers when he would be 3,5. This is the sickest, cruelest joke in the world. When did life become so hard? That's the scariest thing; because everything changed overnight. I had no idea how precious life really was until all of this. I'll say this over and over; I will always wish this was me and not him. I've experienced the simplicity of life. Now he will never get the chance to. The pain that is in my heart will NEVER be healed. Takheo is my best friend. I've stopped eating as I have no appetite. It's been 4 days now and the thought of food makes me sick to my stomach. I ate some cheese and crackers today only to get momma off my back. Fuck all if this. I want my Takheo back. I want his smile, I want his healthy body, I want his laugh and bright eyes. I want his loving trouble making soul. Time is not on our side and nobody knows how much time we have left with Takheo. Takheo and I fell asleep in my bed shortly after I had taken a bath. All cuddled up in our cloud of a bed. It was the most peaceful night of sleep that I have had in a very long time. We decided to try and be as normal as we can and normal now consists of giving Takheo morphine around the clock to keep him out of pain. I'm so mad at everything and everyone about this. I'm not ready to let him go so soon. I pray that he stays with us as long as possible. I want to see my baby brother turn 3 on October 18th.

Then 4. And 5 and then 20 and 50 and then finally 100. Please somebody listen. Takheo deserves that!


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