Takheo's Heroes

A 2-year-old boy, Takheo, diagnosed with an inoperable stage 4 brain cancer named DIPG. A cancer of 0% survival rate. Follow Takheo's journey beating the impossible.


6. Forever For TAKHEO!

Finally, an okay day with no grumpiness and tests (besides radiation) for our baby Tak. Momma and Tak got very little sleep last night and Tak was tired today. April and I got to spend most of the day curled up in bed together with Tak and momma all squeezed into one hospital bed, and then after work dad came to see Tak with grandma and grandpa so momma was able to take a break. When grandma and grandpa left, April, momma and I left home. Daddy is staying with Tak for some days now. We came home to a quiet house, which April and I are as used to as you can become when your brother is kicking cancers ass, but momma wasn't used to it at all, I could tell. As soon as we walked into our  house momma felt out of place. She tried to keep busy by doing normal things like paying bills, laundry, etc..... but nothing was working for her. I walked into Tak's room and she stood there completely fallen apart. I sat by her on his bed and her tears just came pouring out. She screamed into his pillow and we cried together. April was in her bed sleeping soundly, so don't worry she didn't see this saddening sight, which would probably crush her hope to pieces. We talked, and we kept asking God together; "why me, why him, why us?!!"

She told me she'd taken scolding hot showers at the hospital. She would turn up the water scolding hot and let herself feel the pain of it burning her skin. She told me she would be thinking; "is this how my baby is going to feel going through chemo? Will he burn and hurt like this? I deserve to feel this way, not him."

She would let the water burn her skin for about 10 minutes and cry her heart out. She told she would be thinking, "I've totally failed as a mother; I should have taken him to the doctor 2 months ago when he told me that one day, that his head hurt. In 1 month, I'm going to start putting poison in my baby's body to try to kill this awful disease. This is so unfair and still can't be real."

You see, this is the reality of cancer. It doesn't just affect the one with the diagnosis. It affects everyone around them. This talk with my mom made it become much more real to me. I will forever fight for Tak. Even long after he'll be gone. Forever!

Well... I'm tired tonight and am going to try to get some rest. I wish I could go on and on about my day today.


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