Shadow Of Lies

The pretty boy doesn't always get the girl, you know. Not every playboy gets into trouble. There's not always a pretty boy, or even a man whore, that doesn't have a heart..........

Nico Tortortella, school's playboy, has secrets of his own. Even though his adopted brother, Charlie, is all he has, he still wants everything to himself. That includes Pretty Miss Emma. But, Emma doesn't come too easily. She knows his works and doesn't want any part of it.

I know what you're thinking. "Why can't he just tell her that he's past all that?" The thing is, that he can't. And what's stopping him, you might ask. It's no other than her over-protective brother, Jordan Harvey and her bestest friend, Ross Lynch.

In order to get her attention, Nico decides to tell a little white lie. More and more lies escape his mouth. But for every lie that he tells, something dark happens.

No one knows who Nico really is. He's just an Shadow Of Lies............


1. Chapter 1


I chatted with Emma, as I watched Nico, walk down the hall. I rolled my eyes, frustration as I watched him approach us slowly. I mentioned to Emma as she turned her head, so sightly.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?”

Emma’s shoulders dropped as she signed, sadly. I knew the reason doing so. I knew about Nico’s and Emma’s past. Not pretty. He basically stakes her. He’s always following her everywhere. Bothering her, etc. Good thing, she’s not one of his exes.

“Honestly, no. Not really.”

She quickly faced me and smiled, ruffing softly through my blonde hair. I laughed as I came in contact with Nico’s face.

“Oh, look who’s here. It’s no other than Mico, the heart-breaker. What do you want?”

“Okay, Lynch. First of all, the names Nico…”

“Sure it is.”

I rolled my eyes as I sat my hands on my hips. Nico huffed and puffed under his breath as he took his attention to Emma.

“And second of all, I’m not for you, geek brain. I’m here for Ms.Precious Emma Fields.”

Now, I huffed and puffed.

“Now, he thinks he’s so smart and gorgeous. Well Nico, you're not the only one with an pretty face.”

I thought to myself as he slowly and softly ran his hand pass her red, brownish hair. Emma spoke up,

“Hello Nico. I was expecting you.”

He laughed sarcastically, while I, on the other hand, tried to pull Emma away.

“Oh, Emma. You’re so cute when you’re missing me. I, actually, feel loved by you.”

“God, Nico! I was being sarcastic.”

“And I’m being serious, Emma.”

“You know what Nico?”

Emma took a hold of my hand as she pulled us away from him.

“I don't have time for your foolishness today, sir. Come on, Ross. Let's get away from this jerk.”

Nico just stood there, in shock. I smiled as I followed Emma. She wasn't about to listen to Nico’s lies.

“Haha! Good luck swallowing that, Nico! Just face it. She’s into me. Not you. And it is going to stay that way.”




Another day I got rejected by little Miss.Emma. God, I wanted to shove my fist into an metal locker. Is there an reason that she doesn’t like me? And that stupid blonde geek, Ross. Always think he’s better than me, in every way. No fair at all. I’m way smarter and hotter than him. I slightly turned my head as I heard Ashton, laughing behind my back.

“What’s your babbling about?”

“Once again, you get rejected by Ms.Pretty Little Emma. Every time you try to talk to her, you come empty-handed.”

He crouched down to his knees, bursting with laughter. I smiled and patted his head.

“Yeah, Yeah. But, I’ll have her one day. Soon my man. Soon.”

As we started walking towards class, I heard my name being called.



I turned around and watched Jordan Harvey, storming towards me.

“Why is it that my names is always been shouted to the roof tops? When is it gonna be a day, where my name is never called?”

Jordan stood in front of me and Ashton. I sat my hands on my hips and listened to what he had to say. I bet, it's about Emma. God, is he really over-protective over his younger sister?

“I told you to leave Emma alone.”

“Called it!”

I thought to myself as I replied,

“Chill out, big brother. I didn’t do anything to her...yet.”

I slowly smiled to myself, watching his face turn a shade of red, with frustration.

“Nico, I gave you plenty of warnings to leave my baby sister alone. She doesn’t want anything to do with you.”

I sarcastically yarned.

“Oooo! Yelpy. Is there anything else you want to instruct me, Sir. I’m kinda in a hurry.”

“Yeah..In a hurry to meet up with some girl?!”

I laughed.

“No. I do have to get my education, you know.”

He angrily chuckled.

“Yeah right. There’s always an lie escaping from Mr.Nico’s mouth. He’s the one that think that his education, or so he calls it..”

I stared at him, evilly. He was seriously pissing me off. And to be honest, everything that was coming out his mouth, was the truth.

“Isn’t really important.”

“Well Jordan,”

I started to walk away from him.

“That “education” you call it,”

I pointed at him.

“Is taking me away from this conversation.”

He ran towards me and stopped in front of me, stressing me out.

“Listen Mico, I only have one thing to say to you.”

“What is that, four eyes? And make it quick, I do have a class to get to. By the way, it's Nico. Not Mico

“I’m only going to say this once. Leave my sister alone and no one gets hurt.”

I walked away from him again and said,

“Just don't get hurt, Jordan.”

I rolled my eyes as Ashton and I walked to class, silently.

“Okay. So clearly, today is not my day.”


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