About 4 sisters who battle evil beings to protect their family, friends, and innocents.


1. Something Wicca This Way Comes

          A stormy night and a full moon finds a woman, Serena Fredrick, alone in her apartment with her cat. She has arranged a number of candles on an altar; she lights each candle by merely pointing at it. She chants an incantation as a man skulks outside. The man sneaks in and stabs the woman.

         Piper Halliwell rushes in from the rain after a job interview while her older sister, Prue, is trying to fix the chandelier. Piper's boyfriend, Jeremy Burns, sent her a bottle of port; Piper thinks it's just what she needs to win a chef's job at a restaurant. Piper spots their old spirit board sitting on the table; Prue found it earlier. It has a cryptic message on the back from their mother, saying that "The Power of Three will set you free". Prue suggests that they send it to their younger sister, Phoebe, thinking it'll help get her out of what she sees as her current aimless path. Piper thinks Prue is being too hard on Phoebe, and thinks she's coming around. The pointer on the spirit board moves, unseen by Prue and Piper.

         Inspectors Darryl Morris and Andy Trudeau investigate the woman's murder. Andy tells Darryl about witches, but Darryl isn't willing to listen. Jeremy, a reporter for the Chronicle, appears and asks them about the murder.

         Prue mentions that she's thinking of renting out a room in return for help with the chores. Just then, Piper tells Prue that Phoebe is moving back in from New York. Prue is angry with Phoebe because she thinks she tried to steal her ex-fiancé Roger, but Phoebe has nowhere else to go. Prue asks when Phoebe is to arrive, and at that moment Phoebe comes through the door. Piper and Phoebe embrace, but Prue thinks Phoebe is trying to get them to sell their house. Piper offers to make a reunion dinner, but Prue and Phoebe both pass.

         Phoebe settles into her old room when Piper brings her a snack. The TV carries a report on the murder, and they see Jeremy on it, who turns out to be Piper's boyfriend. Phoebe wonders why Piper didn't let Prue know sooner that she was coming home, but Piper was afraid Prue would change the locks. Phoebe would have asked, but she and Prue didn't get along that well even before the blowup over Roger. Prue comes in and drops off some extra blankets, claiming that Phoebe's room is the coldest one of the house.

          Andy and Darryl find a triquetra tattoo on the murdered woman's neck. Darryl is skeptical about witches, but notes the "freak fest" that the woman was engaged in.

          Piper and Phoebe play with the spirit board. The pointer, held by Phoebe, moves on its own, first to "A", then to "T". Prue and Piper think Phoebe moved it; she had a habit of moving the pointer when they were younger. Just as Prue and Piper walk away, the pointer moves again, back to "T". Prue still thinks Phoebe moved it. Before Piper can turn around, the pointer moves again--first to "I", then to "C". Phoebe realizes the letters spell out "attic". Just then, all the lights in the manor go out.



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