Smile|A Joshler Fanfiction

Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph both know that they're gay. However, because of their fame, they both pretend to be straight, fearing that they would no longer be accepted. Josh and Tyler aren't only just gay, they're gay for each other, but they don't admit it to the other, so they're both scared to go for it. Especially Josh, who is scared that if he admits his love Tyler will become more depressed, and Josh couldn't stand to see the love of his life like that.


11. You Don't Know The Half of The Abuse

Two days later Josh was sitting on a bench at the park. He watched the red leaves float through the air, drifting down to the concrete sidewalk. He watched the children play in the grass. He watched the ducks play in the pond. 

He was supposed to meet Tyler here because Tyler had wanted to talk about something. He was hoping it would be something about his love for him, but he knew he was kidding himself. He was just so desperate for Tyler's affection and he felt disgusted by it. He had to remind himself practically every second that Tyler would never love him. 

He checked his watch again. 10:39. Where was he? What could he possibly be doing that would make him a whole 20 minutes late?

A sickening thought crossed his mind. What if he was with someone else? What if he was in love and forgot about him? He shook his head and tried to put it out of his mind. He knew Tyler would show up eventually.

A whirring noise suddenly shook the bench and he stood up abruptly, looking around for the source of the sound. 

About six or seven people on motorcycles came racing into the park, equipped with leather jackets and dozens of piercings. They were looking straight ahead at something... Or someone.

Tyler Joseph stood on the edge of the sidewalk, watching the bikers, who stopped in front of him. None of them were wearing helmets and there appeared to be four boys and two girls. They jumped off their bikes and ran towards Tyler. 

"Get over here you fag!" 

Fear fled Tyler's eyes and he began to run towards Josh, who he'd apparently just spotted. 

"Tylo!" Josh called to him. 

One of the bikers suddenly grabbed Tyler's arm and twisted it back, completely stopping him from getting away. He gasped, knees buckling. The others gathered around him in a circle watching him groan in pain.

"Awe, let the poor freak go," Said one. 

The man let go of him and let him fall to the ground.

They started laughing and one of them picked him up by his shirt collar and punched him in the face. Tyler groaned as he was pushed into another person, who punched him in the gut.

"Faggot!" They screamed. 

"Hey!" Josh yelled, catching the gang's attention. 

They looked at him with a hint of fear in their fierce eyes. 

"Get away from him, you s**t faced scumbag," He said with his most aggressive, threatening tone. 

One of the girls stepped forward and replied, "Or what?"

Josh walked toward her until he was right in her face.

"Or I'll make right now hell on earth for you, and when I report it to the police I'll call it self-defense."

The girl glared, but he could tell she felt threatened. He could tell that his muscular frame intimidated all of them. 

"Come on, guys, let's get outta here," She said, turning and walking back to her motorcycle. 

The others glared at Josh for a second and then followed, she was clearly the leader of the pack. 

"Tylo!" Josh cried as soon as they were gone, helping him to his feet. 

His face was bruised and bleeding, tears streamed down his cheeks. 

"Jish," He sobbed, falling into his open arms. 

Josh hugged him tight, never wanting to let go. He just wanted to protect him and kiss him and make him smile.








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