Smile|A Joshler Fanfiction

Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph both know that they're gay. However, because of their fame, they both pretend to be straight, fearing that they would no longer be accepted. Josh and Tyler aren't only just gay, they're gay for each other, but they don't admit it to the other, so they're both scared to go for it. Especially Josh, who is scared that if he admits his love Tyler will become more depressed, and Josh couldn't stand to see the love of his life like that.


7. Only Few Will Understand

There was an eerie silence and Tyler's words seemed to hang in the air. Josh couldn't believe what he was hearing as he turned his words over in his mind, listening to them play on a loop. Jishwa, I'm gay. Did he mean it? 

Tyler looked down at his feet, and tears began to stream down his face.

"I-I know you might not l-like me anymore," He stuttered, "But I-I just had to tell you. It's okay if y-you hate me, or-or think I'm disgusting... but please d-don't be mad at me." 

His voice was cracking and shaking, his face hot and red. 

Josh ran towards him, grabbing his shoulders. 

"Look at me."

Tyler slowly raised his head and Josh looked into his puffy eyes, full of fear. He was shaking so bad, every muscle in his body was tense. 

"I am too," Josh said.

He watched the fear in Tyler's eyes diminish and were replaced by relief. Tyler let out a tremendous gasp and Josh pulled him into a hug, holding him with his strong arms. Tyler hugged back. 

"D-don't let go of me Jishwa, please, don't let go."

"I won't."

"You promise?"

"Yeah, I promise."


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