Smile|A Joshler Fanfiction

Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph both know that they're gay. However, because of their fame, they both pretend to be straight, fearing that they would no longer be accepted. Josh and Tyler aren't only just gay, they're gay for each other, but they don't admit it to the other, so they're both scared to go for it. Especially Josh, who is scared that if he admits his love Tyler will become more depressed, and Josh couldn't stand to see the love of his life like that.


8. Broken People

"I still don't know if I should tell him, I mean, this could ruin our friendship."

"I already told you my opinion."

"Yeah but, who else am I supposed to talk to about this?"

Brendon sighed. 

"I have to go, but you can always talk to me if anything happens, okay?"

"Alright, thanks, dude."


Josh hung up and looked around. Debbie would arrive any minute for their date. He was planning on breaking up with her since Tyler knew part of his secret. 

"Joshy, I'm here!" Her voice rang through his house. 

He'd always hated how she'd called him Joshy. Jishwa was a much better nickname in his opinion. 

"Hi there, babe."

Debbie smiled and said, "I've got quite the surprise for you tonight."

"Um, yeah, so do I."

Debbie kissed him and dragged him over to his bedroom. Before he knew it she was pulling off his shirt. 

Josh pushed her away.

"D-Debbie, stop."

She gave him a confused look.

"Are you not ready? Josh, I'm sorry. If you don't want to-"

"No, it's not that."

"Then what?"

"Debbie, I think I'm gay."

Her reaction was far more humiliating than what he had imagined.

"Your kidding, right?" She said, backing away from him.


Tears streamed down her face.

"How-how dare you use me! I can't believe you!"

"Debbie, please calm down," He said reaching toward her."

She slapped his hand away.


"Don't touch me you freak!"

Josh felt like all the life had been sucked out of him. She'd called him a freak.

She stopped out of the room and towards the door. Josh didn't follow.

"Don't talk to me ever again, you gross faggot!" 

She slammed the door.

He heard her boots stomping against the pavement outside, the echo of the door slamming, her words in his head.

Don't touch me you freak! Don't talk to me ever again you gross faggot! 

A tear escaped him and he sat on his bed, staring into space. 

You freak.




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