Smile|A Joshler Fanfiction

Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph both know that they're gay. However, because of their fame, they both pretend to be straight, fearing that they would no longer be accepted. Josh and Tyler aren't only just gay, they're gay for each other, but they don't admit it to the other, so they're both scared to go for it. Especially Josh, who is scared that if he admits his love Tyler will become more depressed, and Josh couldn't stand to see the love of his life like that.


6. Best Friends With My Doubt

It was a few days after the incident and it was almost as if the moment between Josh and Tyler had never happened. He was mostly healed and back in his house for one thing, and Debbie was coming over regularly. Tyler was too, but as friends, and he often walked in on intense make out sessions that hopefully looked real. 

So Josh put on a smile every day, tried to appear confident and strong, and even dyed his hair red. No more cotton candy. 

Deciding that he needed someone to talk to about all of his problems, he phoned Brendon, the lead singer of Panic! At the Disco, who just so happened to be one of his closest friends.


"Brendon, it's me, Josh."

"Hey Josh, what's up?" Brendon asked, his flamboyant yet sarcastic attitude reflecting in his voice. 

"Uh, can you keep a secret?" 

There was a pause on the other line.

"Of course," Brendon replied.

Josh instinctively glanced around before saying a word.

"I uh, I'm gay."

Brendon snorted.

"You already told me that secret, remember?"

"Yeah, I do, but uh..."

"Go on."

"I think I'm gay for Tyler."

Another small pause. 

"You should tell him."


"I know it's scary, but if I know Tyler he won't freak out."

"No way."

"Whatever, it's your call."

"You won't tell Tyler, right?"

"Of course not."

Although he didn't think Brendon's idea was exactly genius, he considered it anyway. What would Tyler do? Would he really be disgusted by the idea of his best friend being in love with him? He couldn't know. Because if Josh didn't know how he felt, then he couldn't take the risk. It was that simple.

A knock on the door brought Josh out of his thoughts. 


It was Tyler.

Feeling the redundant feeling of delight and fear, Josh opened up the door to see the adorable Tyler. Suddenly he noticed the black paint on his neck. Outside of concerts, if Tyler wore the paint it meant he was his alter ego, or more specifically the other person inside of him, the embodiment of his depression. He called himself Blurryface.

"Hello, Blurryface."

"Hi, Josh."

"Do you need to talk?"

Tyler nodded slowly.

Josh stepped back, opening up the door wider. "Come on in, then."

Tyler walked in, sat down in a chair in Josh's kitchen and looked at the floor.

"What's up?" Josh asked.

"I have something to tell you."

"I know that."

"Well, I don't know if you'll like what I'm about to say."

"Tylo, or, uh, Blurryface, you can trust me with anything."

Tyler stood up and washed off his black paint saying, "I've got to tell you this as Tyler."

Josh nodded, watching him. He couldn't help noticing how adorable he was, he just had such a beautiful body...

Tyler turned, his black paint gone. 

"Are you ready to tell me?"

He nodded.

"Jishwa... I'm gay."





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