New Friends In January

Winter break was over. The fun of the holidays was now just a memory. Today was the first day back to school for ten-year-old James and seven-year-old Mandy. What will Rosco do now, with his buddies gone all day?


2. Chapter Two

Photo courtesy Pixabay royalty free images

Rosco wasn’t sure what that meant, but he guessed it was something sad, because Mandy had cried when she saw it. James and Mandy had been friends with the kids who lived there, and had played with them for as long as Rosco could remember. The four kids had spent many afternoons riding bikes and kicking a ball around in the yard. Rosco missed those kids.

So, what was this giant truck here for now? And, why was the sign missing?

Mom pulled into the garage and parked the car, commenting on the truck. “Wonder what’s going on next door? What do you think, boy?” she said to Rosco.

Rosco clambered out as she opened the side door for him. Inside the house, Rosco skipped to the window by the front porch so he could watch.

Two men dressed in brown pants and white shirts climbed out of the front of the truck. One was holding a clipboard as the other climbed a small ladder on the back of the truck. This man raised the enormous back door and lowered a long, steel ramp to the ground.

Inside the truck, a mountain of cardboard boxes and furniture sat piled high. Rosco gazed, wide-eyed, as the men began to unload the boxes and carry them toward the house. They placed the boxes on the driveway.

Mom walked over and stood next to Rosco at the window. “Looks like we’re getting some new neighbors, Rosco,” Mom said. “Someone’s finally moving in. Won’t the kids be excited?” She left him and began tidying up the house.

New people? We’re going to have new people next door? Rosco thought, panting and smiling. Wow, the kids sure will be excited. I wonder who it will be?

Rosco watched as a car pulled up next to the house and a man and woman carefully stepped out. They had gray hair and kind faces and reminded Rosco of James’ and Mandy’s grandparents.

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