New Friends In January

Winter break was over. The fun of the holidays was now just a memory. Today was the first day back to school for ten-year-old James and seven-year-old Mandy. What will Rosco do now, with his buddies gone all day?


3. Chapter Three

Photo courtesy Pixabay royalty free images

The woman opened the backseat passenger door of the car. She reached in and carefully pulled out a plastic, gray box that had windows and a door, and a handle on the top. It looked like a miniature version of Rosco’s kennel.

A kennel? There must be an animal inside!  Rosco thought, wagging his tail. This family has a pet!

The woman carried the kennel to the front door and set it down on the porch, then joined her husband on the sidewalk. Rosco still couldn’t see what was inside of the small kennel. It was too far away to tell.

The man and the woman greeted the movers. Then, with the click of a button, the gray-haired man opened the garage door, and the four of them disappeared into the house.

But the kennel still sat on the front porch.

I wonder what’s inside that kennel? Rosco thought. He just had to know. The anticipation was becoming more than he could take. He would have to take action.

He could sneak over to the porch, take a peek, and get back home before any of the neighbor people or the movers or even Mom would see him. He raced to his doggy door at the back of the house and slipped out.

The morning air was still brisk and the lawn still wet with frosty dew. Rosco padded cautiously through his back yard, around his house, and toward the neighbor’s front porch.

He would smile and wag his tail just in case anyone saw him. He was a very big dog after all, and sometimes strangers got nervous when he showed up off-leash. He didn’t want to alarm anyone. He wanted to make friends of the new people, too, after all.

Rosco trotted up to the porch, barely able to control his excitement. He sniffed at the kennel and peered inside. A startled little face stared back at him.

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