New Friends In January

Winter break was over. The fun of the holidays was now just a memory. Today was the first day back to school for ten-year-old James and seven-year-old Mandy. What will Rosco do now, with his buddies gone all day?


4. Chapter Four

It’s a dog!

The dog had a smooth, light, coat, and a short, wrinkled, dark snout. His ears were as dark as his snout. He was easily less than half of Rosco’s size.

The little dog’s eyes grew huge at the sight of this great big, unexpected visitor staring at him through the silver bars of his cage. He sank back on his haunches inside the kennel. Who was this visitor?

Hello there, Rosco woofed. I didn’t mean to scare you. I live next door, he said in doggy language. Welcome to the neighborhood! I’m Rosco.

The little dog barked in reply, wagging his curly tail. With a few short, peppy barks, he told Rosco that his name was Sparks.

Just then they heard voices inside the front door.

Gotta go, Sparks! I’m not supposed to leave my yard when I’m alone outside! I don't want them to see me! Rosco woofed quietly. Nice meeting you! I’ll come and play when I see you out in the back yard!

Arf Arf! Sparks called cheerfully.

Rosco raced back through the yard to his doggy door and returned to his spot at the window. Mom was heading downstairs with a pile of laundry.

“Wow, Rosco. You haven't even moved? Must be pretty interesting out there, hah, boy?” she said.

Rosco smiled at Mom, panted and sat down, returning his gaze to the moving truck.

I guess it won’t be so bad that the kids are back to school, he thought, now that I’ll have someone to play with!

Suddenly, the days ahead didn’t seem so long.

The End

Photo courtesy Pixabay royalty free images

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