The girl who flew

A young girl gets captured from her mum and put into another universe as her fate awaits.


1. Hush little baby

Hush  Little Baby

Whimpering slowly a baby of two weeks cried in her cotton bed, while her mum slept with a slight snore not caring at the least of what was happening."Hush little baby" sang a creature with the eyes of the golden sun, her wings made of the purest white, her tail shimmering out of the cracked window, her teeth so sharp yet so gentle as she picked the baby from her bed.   

It took her. And vanished.

It took the baby to a place so far from the real world to a place where the naked eye couldn't see, to a place where the outlaws of the world could finally be in peace. The outlaws in the creatures world were the humans, and so the baby wasn't welcome. A slight look at her and their tongues slithered with words so mean the publisher couldn't allow in this book.Not one of their eyes were the same, not one shade, just like how our fingerprints aren't. We, the humans, are so alike to the creatures that the great war shouldn't have even stirred, but alas, the past is the past and no-one could change that, no-one except the girl.

I've told you too much, and now they might come and I shall die a miserable death.

Anyway, this baby was the one who would rise and kill Vaultine the mighty, the one who created they. Those devils of hell killed any living thing that tried to kill him and believe me I have risked several times with death, and it is not what you humans call a 'holiday'. It is what you humans call a 'nightmare'. Ahh, excuse my manners, but creatures nowadays soon lose their wiseness, and, unfortunately, I have done so.

You see I am no human, I am the   Wise One. Don't think I can't see you laughing, I have been alive for centuries, for you, humans have a strangely small life, yet I would love to be a human and not stay alive for it is incomparably boring, eating gruel and having to get lashed from the morning to the night.

Time for bed, for young me, you have heard too much and strangely so have I ?  

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