The girl who flew

A young girl gets captured from her mum and put into another universe as her fate awaits.


2. Dark was the night

If I had told you what exactly had happened on the day the girl was taken, you would not have thunk of it but unfortunately  you are a human, you decide what is true and what is not. 

As I was saying....

Bright sun beams submerged the surroundings as the girl reluctantly went to school, a school with creatures and monsters , not your average education place, but it was the best she could do. 

In this school of out landers the girl was a distraction, like those flies in your food, but for me they taste delightfully scrumptious. Don't judge me , you're a human and I am a creature, we have differences.

Anyway, their teacher Escionibus gave each creature a textbook full of learning and education, but for Natalie, the words stirred around her, whispering in her ears, giving her doubt. She was scared, almost angry that she could not read but her mother insisted that she should go to school and learn how to read. Of course the Mother was right.

On the first day of school her best friend (a floating fish ) came with her, even though she complained that she was alright,but,alas the fish insisted and wafted around the pathway.
"Do you think I will make friends?" Asked Natalie nervously, a slight sound of doubt in her voice.
"No, you won't make friends, this is the toughest school in the land and in a weeks time you would be crying to your mummy!"the fish replied with a careless shrug with his fins.
The human screamed with anger, and nearly made a sushi with her friend, believe me I am not kidding.



Later in the day the creatures left to their parents who worked in AREA 42, like AREA 51 but with dark magic and deaths each day. I once escaped from that prison and I still have nightmares, since the time a little creature got crushed between two gigantic clamps, no-one had felt safe.

As I was sayin the little girl Natalie was on her way to her mum when out of nowhere a HUMAN collapsed on top of her. She put her hand over Natalie's mouth and took her.

"Where am I " Shouted Natalie, wondered by the amount of humans in this world. 

She was in New York. A land where humans were safe. For now.

"My name is Nasteho, a prophecy told me that I will die soon, but not soon enough to stop Vaultine" The kidnapper said.

Her last wish came true as a dark puff of smoke submerged her and she stood with murky eyes, the life drained out of her. In a flash she changed into smoke, and lay there for her spirit to be taken. 


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