Fantasy Theory

Have you heard of the typical hero genre where the main character fights against the great forces of the evil and brings peace to the world? I am neither hero nor the demon king, I am just a human who was brought along with him as a mistake. I refuse to become either the "pure water" or the "poison" for this world, and this refusal was the reason why I was locked in the deepest, darkest, and the possibly most infamous prison of Arklem. I am sentenced for lifetime, but I can't waste my life, so I will become strongest in here.


1. Knowledge and Magic(One Shot)

          In the kingdom of Arklem, they waited desperately for the one day that humanity will earn its true definition of freedom from demons who became main source of fear for anyone. Humans were the weakest, yet the survived the longest. The King of Arklem decided that the only method of winning this thousand year war is to bring forth the heroes. The incarnation was successful, yet few bystanders were also brought at the same time. The hero refused to fight, but the bystanders were taken as hostages. In this world of fantasy, I am neither the protagonist, the hero, nor the antagonist, the demon king. I was sentenced lifetime of imprisonment in the worst prison, while everyone else was "locked" in the one of the rooms in the King's Castle. I will briefly explain the truth of this world, and I will take my revenge upon the people who betrayed me, and I will become the strongest, to the extend where no one could ever dare me to oppose me. 

Nameless: "It has been a year ever since the Hero went on his journey, yet there is no progress," I started conversation without thinking.

Prisoner A: "You haven't been here for long enough kiddo, things like friends will be forgotten sooner or later," Prisoner A murmured. 

<I don't remember anyone's name, nor do I pay attention to them>

Prisoner A: "You are one of those people who came along with the Hero thing right? Your luck may be the worst of us, its not like you did anything yet you were blamed for all of those things," he laughed.

<It wasn't that I was blamed on> <I was simply betrayed by everyone else> <I should have studied human psychology better> <Not like it would change anything>

Nameless: "Everything is alright, all of this will end in next few hours," I laughed.

Prisoner A: "What are you talking about, this is most heavily guarded location on this surface of the continent. You and I are the only people who is in the darkest and the deepest area of this hell. There is no way that half dead brat like you can even walk past that hallway," he finally showed surprised look.

Nameless: "What year is this?" I asked.

Prisoner A: "It is Year 517 by the Ark Calendar," he simply replied.

Nameless: "To me, the difference in knowledge and understanding of science is far behind by thousands of years," I just couldn't hold my laughter.

Prisoner A: "What is the use of knowledge? Its just another unnecessary waste of time," he became interested.

Nameless: "Magic has a deep relationship with the science, you might not understand this but there are always certain patterns that make up this world. Knowing that won't do anything, but if you were to control it with the certain power in this world, you are more or less the strongest in this world," I continued to laugh.

Prisoner A: "Don't tell me, magic?"

Nameless: "Bingo! But learning it without testing it was incredibly hard. Most of it is on theory stage as of now," I gazed upon the dark sky.

Prisoner A: "There are ten thousand guards that can instantly arrive here within a minutes or so, it would require immense amount of mana and stamina. Even the Hero himself doesn't have that much energy inside of him."

Nameless: "Hero has been selected by the energy themselves, the very incarnations of the mana decided to lend their powers onto him, him alone. Not to mention his incredible speed in understanding this world's magic and knight skills. So it is basically impossible for me to win against him in traditional method," I stopped laughing.

Prisoner A: "Then what choice do you have?"

Nameless: "Do you know what the Hero's nickname before he arrived here?"

Prisoner A: "No"

Nameless: "His nickname was [Optimistic Idiot], he easily fails when it comes to knowledge department and without the divine protection of the mana and his natural Heroic abilities, he was nothing but a talking idiot"

<He only became the Hero by his luck and lineage> <He was practically useless in our world>

Prisoner A: "What does that mean to you?"

Nameless: "It means that its easy for me to surpass him for me"

Prisoner A: "How"

Nameless: "Its natural that humans have some limitation with their mana capacity and it would require training from their childhood in order to increase it noticeably, but if you use external source, then you might be able to do it."

Prisoner A: "Give up kiddo, it will take contracting with the demons or the dragons in order to do so."

Nameless: "Its not a secret but I stole [Dragon God's Horns] from the Kingdom's treasury, I will insert its characteristics into me, turning myself into Dragon itself."

Prisoner A: "I have no idea of what you are talking about but its impossible, human turning into Dragon? Isn't that against the belief of this continent? You will be sentenced to death!"

Nameless: "From this five grams rock, I can make energy three times that of nuclear bombs"

<Gravity Release> <Restore Space> <Restore Time>

Nameless: "I have been training for more than hundred years with the gravity times thousand. You wouldn't go any higher than two or three times with normal human body but I stole more than just [Dragon God's Horns]."

Prisoner A: "What are you trying to do?"

Nameless: "You will witness this moment with your one eye"

I condensed gravity heavily on the rocks, and instantly harnessed the energy to the crystals that came from my body. 

Nameless: "These are the raw materials that contain God's Essence, I already inserted six except for Dragon God'

Prisoner A: "You are mad!"

Nameless: "I lost humanity a long time ago. From years of training inside my <Time Cage>, I gained new domain of flow of energy and such"

The Six God Essence formed wing like shape in its crystal form, the [Dragon God's Horn] became ring shapes, like a halo, but it later formed the shape of the crown.

Nameless: "I can't learn no chant magics, so I have to do this much of chants"

<I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beg...>

The energy was inserted to the crystals, and more mass became engulfed as form of energy.

Prisoner A: "Stop this nonsense, do you really think that you can change this world?

Nameless: "I am not going to change the world, nor I am going to reset or to destroy it, but I will change the flow of events of this world"


Birth Name: Ray Aragon

Nickname <Genius Scientist of the era> <One who realized the natural patterns of the world>

Age: 15 + (500) 


[Magic] Fundamental Force Manipulation/Vector Manipulation/Elemental Manipulation/Energy Manipulation

[Martial art] Counter(Self Made), Reflective(Self Made), Physical Increase(Self Made)

Within few seconds, the human figure came at the assembly where Kings and the Hero was communicating to one another.

King: "Who are you?"

Nameless: "You forgot me in one year"

Hero: "I don't know who you are but if you came here for me, then at least go outside to fight"

Nameless threw away one of the officers who raised their weapon against him and took a chair for himself. He puts his feet in the table and makes rude pose.

Guards and King: "You insolent brat!"

Nameless: "First of all, I am much older than anyone of you, and second, I am here to declare war against your injustice"

King: "How there you! Slay that commoner Hero!"

When Hero "kindly" attacks Nameless with back of the blade. Nameless uses counter and physical increase to attack him with a mere wind pressure. However, the wind pressure itself broke his weapon and the armor, and Nameless was using only ten percent of his true power.

King/Hero: "How?"

Nameless: "From now on, my name is Drage, and I will now rebuild the ancient and the fallen nation of Utopia.

Drage: "I shall control the flaw of this world!"


The new legend starts with the appearance of Drage, later known as the [Right Hand of True Ruler]






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