The Monster Under The Bed |One-Shot Competition Entry|

Remember when you thought there was a monster under your bed? Or in your closet? Your parents always told you it wasn't real, and eventually you believed them, but what if they were wrong? |ONE SHOT COMPETITION ENTRY|


1. The Monster Under The Bed

"I don't want to go to bed, mommy," the little girl, Kelly, whined, a look of terror in her wide, watery eyes.

"Why not, Kelly?" her mother asked, concerned. Kelly was usually very good at bedtime and never put up a fight on the subject.

"I'm scared," the girl begged. "Please, mommy! Don't make me go to bed!"

Her mother's concern grew. "Scared of what, hunny?" 

"The monster," Kelly told her. "I see it's eyes in my closet when I try to sleep."

Her mother sighed, relieved. "There's nothing in your closet, sweetheart. Come on, I'll check."

"No, mommy!" Kelly cried, following her mother down the hallway to her bedroom. "The monster's gonna get you!"

"Kelly, there's nothing in your closet except toys and clothes," her mother explained. "See?"

She opened the closet door to reveal a few hanging sweaters and a few dolls and cars. No monster.

"It's hiding, mommy!" Kelly insisted, not having gone any farther into the room then the doorway. "The monster's there, I promise!"

"Kelly, stop being silly," she carefully guided her daughter to the bed. "There's nothing in your closet, you need to go to bed now. You have school tomorrow."

Kelly climbed into bed, grabbing a teddy bear and pulling the blankets up to her chin. "Goodnight, mommy, I love you," she whimpered.

"I love you too, sweetheart," she kissed Kelly's forehead. "Goodnight."

She crossed the room and turned out the lights. Kelly flinched. 

"Sweet dreams," she closed the door and Kelly was left alone in the dark.

Kelly curled up in the farthest corner of her bed from her closet and pulled her blankets as tightly around herself as she could. She hardly even had time to pull her teddy bear close to her chest before the eyes appeared in her closet.

The eyes were glowing, red, slits, barely there, but just enough so to be able to tell they're real. The rest of the monster was covered in darkness, unable to be seen. 

Kelly whimpered and pulled her teddy bear closer. She wished she could scream so mommy would save her, but mommy was already mad, so it was best to hide. Besides, as long as she had her teddy bear, Sargent Cuddles, nothing could hurt her.

The monster began to move, but seeing Sargent Cuddles, it stopped, knowing it could do no harm. Kelly watched the monster from her place in the corner of her bed for a long time, but eventually her eyelids grew heavy, and she fell asleep.

Kelly awoke to the quiet, eerie, sound of her closet door opening. She gasped in horror, realizing she had dropped her teddy bear in the gap between the bed and the wall while she was sleeping. The monster, knowing her first line of defense had fallen, began to creep closer. Kelly knew she couldn't grab Sargent Cuddles from his place on the floor without turning her back on the monster and allowing her blankets to fall off her small, trembling, body.

The monster stopped at the end of her bed, waiting for the moment it could strike. Kelly tried to pull herself closer to the wall, but she was as far away from the monster as she could be without leaving the safety of her bed. She knew if she waited the monster would have to hide in the morning, the sunlight would hurt the creature with a body of shadows. She resolved to stay up, but once again failed, sleep eventually pulling her tired eyes closed.

When Kelly awoke once more, it was still dark, meaning her mother wouldn't come to get her for another few hours. It was hot, her body was drenched with sweat and her mouth was unbearably dry. She couldn't see the monster anywhere. Maybe it had just been a bad dream? It didn't matter, it wasn't here but the water on her bedside table was.

Reaching across the bed for her water, she realized her mistake all too soon. A dark, inhuman, hand with long, thin fingers and sharp claws, reached up from under the bed and grabbed her wrist, yanking her onto the floor before she could even scream.


Hearing a loud thud from her daughter's room, Kelly's mother sat up in bed, throwing off her covers and sliding into her slippers. Quietly making her way down the hall, she crept to Kelly's room, where her door was slightly ajar. She could have sworn she had left it closed. Pushing the door open, she didn't see Kelly on her bed, nor did she see the glass of water that was always on her bedside table. But the closet door was open.

"Kelly?" She asked quietly, peering into the open closet, only to find Kelly was not inside.

Closing the closet door, she turned to look near the girl's bed, only to let out a scream of horror. Kelly was on the floor next to her bed, surrounded by the spilt water and shattered remains of the glass that had held it. The girl's jaw was open in a silent scream, and her eyes were wide with terror.

The mother fell to her knees, cradling her daughter's dead body in her arms. She began to sob, only pausing when she heard the closet door slowly creak open. Turning to look, she saw the eyes in the closet, realizing with indescribable fear, that Kelly had been right.

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