One shots


1. Unforgettable ~Jason the toy maker x oc~

Jane looked up from her work feeling a presence in her little workshop. “Who's there?” She questioned fearlessly. Her grip on the hammer tightened. “I'm not afraid of you.” She gritted her teeth. A blue door that wasn't there before was suddenly at the opposite side of the room. Jane gasped. How was there a blue door in her workshop? The only door there is was right behind her. 
A thought slipped into her head. “Could it be Jason the Toy Maker?” She thought. Then she shook her head refusing to humor the ridiculous idea. “Come out here and face me.” She hissed getting angrier with every passing second. “You pulled me away from my work. So show yourself.” She demanded.
“Such fine craftsmanship.” A voice said from behind her. She whirled to meet green eyes. Red hair hung down in front of the eyes that sparkled with approval. Jane narrowed her eyes with irritation.
“Why are you here?” She growled, the hammer in her hand almost snapped at the amount of strength she was using. Her blue eyes blazed.
The man in front of her chuckles, the light humor in his eyes never leaving. “Ah Jane. Such a pretty name. Don't you remember me?” 
“Do you think that I would be a toy maker if I didn't?” Jane hissed again. “Jason, you haven't been forgotten. At least, not by me.” Her hammer splintered as she gripped it even tighter. “Do you think that I have forgotten you? I can remember you, easy. The rest of my family, not so much.” Jane said, cursing the car accident that made her memory spotty.
“Oh?” The toy maker in front of her raises an eyebrow.
“Car accident. I can only remember certain things.” Jane explained without letting her guard down. Jason glanced down at the broken hammer in her hand and clucked his tongue.
“Still anger easily.” He commented, smirking. Jane reeled back and backhanded him. A large red handprint blazed on his face when he righted himself from the blow. The laughter in his eyes faded only slightly. “Still a strong girl too I see.”
“Get out of my workshop Jason.” Jane replied, the anger fading from her voice. “I would like to finish my work in peace.” 
Jason turned away from Jane and looked at the large expanse of unfinished toys mixed with tools. “I wish to watch you work. To see how you have improved.” He says a bit hurt.
Jane cocks her head to the side. “Jason? Are you - are you okay? You sound sad.” She said concerned. This man may be a pain but he was her first friend. She was a little protective of him.
“I just don't want to be forgotten again.” Jason replied before walking towards his blue door. “I guess I'll just leave you to work.” He felt a pair of arms around his shoulders, pulling him back.
“Look. I'm sorry.” Jane said when she had succeeded in bringing Jason back to the workbench. “You aren't forgotten. I just prefer to work without others.” 
“Why?” Jason asked once again looking at the mess of a workbench. 
“It helps me think. No distractions, no need to watch what the other is doing, fixing only my mistakes. That kind of stuff.” Jane picked up her most recent project, a small yellow sun for a puppet theatre. The smile had to be just right in order to portray a sneaky fiend. 
She was busy attaching the arms to the round body when she felt Jason's presence. Jason looked now on the project with wonder. He tentatively reached out a hand to stroke the elaborate carvings. “What's this for?”
“I got a request from a local school to make sun and moon marionette puppets for a show.” Jane said.
Jason looked around the room. Jane’s toy collection was enough to rival his own. He then looked back at Jane who was hunched over a box searching for a new hammer. With a shout of joy, she straightened. Her dirty blonde hair fell over her grimy face as her ice blue eyes sparkled with excitement. Her pale skin was covered in scratches, dirt, grime and sawdust. Her hair was just long enough to reach her shoulders that led to a thin but strong frame. She was lanky and her shorts barely reached mid thigh. Her paisley tee shirt was dark with oil stains. Jason felt himself suck in a breath as she trained her gaze on him. Her eyes met his and they sparkled even more than they were.
“Jason?” Jane asked, tilting her head again. “What are you staring at?”
“Oh um, nothing really.” Jason said quickly before adding under his breath, “Just the prettiest girl I have ever met.”
“What? Did you just say something about me? Did you say I was pretty?” Jane had heard him. Jason looked away and felt heat rush to his cheeks before getting up and walking over to her. He gathered the tall woman up in his arms and placed a light kiss on her nose. She reached up, grabbed his hair with both hands, and placed her lips against the tall male’s lips.
Jason slipped his arms around Jane’s waist as she tangled her fingers in his hair. They stayed like that for a few moments more until Jane had to pull back for air. She gasped for air while processing what she just did. She didn't have long to think before Jason captured her lips with his again. Giving up on trying to process the situation, she left Jason take the lead - that is until he wanted a little more than just a kiss...


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