My Girl (Harry Styles fanfic)

She was a stripper working to get her boyfriend out of jail. He was a rich man looking for a girl to love. He fell in love from the moment he set his eyes in her, and so did she even though she didn't know it.


5. Smoke Break

Chapter 3

Dakota's POV

I woke up to find Harry in top of me I scuttled over and threw the blanket off if me god it was like 80 degrees in here. I wasn't a morning person and it was like 8:00 so I just went back to sleep.

Harry's POV

I woke up to find Dakota all the way at the edge of the bed, I had to score closer to her in the night. I got up to go take a shower but l needed to check my phone I left it on the bed somewhere. I found it when I looked up my eyes widened, she was laying on her stomach and her butt was sticking out man did it look great. I gave it a firm slap and went into the bathroom.

After I finished my shower which wasn't very long I changed and came out to a mad Dakota.

"How dare you do that to me when I'm sleeping!" She yelled at me but I couldn't take he seriously because all she had on was her lingerie.

"Did anyone every tell you it's a turn on when your mad?" I said knowing it would make her even angrier but she rolled her eyes and entered the bathroom.

When she came out she had a towel wrapped around her but she wasn't wet.

"I need some clothes to put on because I refuse to walk around in lingerie anymore." She stated

"Well we can go clothes shopping for you but you still need clothes to put on in the meantime I just might have some for you to put on." I said

I left the room and went into the hall closet it was filled with clothes for previous girls who stayed with me.

I know what your thinking wow she's gonna be gone just like the others she's gonna be here for a week and then your gonna move on, but no she was different from other girls there was just something about her that no other girl had.

I picked out a very elegant yet revealing outfit.

I returned to the room and handed her the outfit she gave me a look of disbelief "I'm not wearing this!" She grumbled

"Well you can go in your lingerie." I said smiling knowing that I won

She grumbled before going to the bathroom and putting it on.

She walked out of the bathroom and I felt like the world stopped she looked gorgeous it fit her perfectly showing her every curve its sleeves made it look like she didn't want to show skin but the slit down the middle to the waist said other wise. She took one of my hair ties and put her hair in a messy bun but it still looked amazing.

Instead of the limo I decided to take one of my own cars today. I led her to my a garage and said "Pick a number one through 13."

She thought for a moment deciding on number 5 I literally fist numbed myself it was my favorite car out of them all. I grabbed the keys to my black Range Rover, I loved the seats in this car and the seats in my Lamborghini weren't nearly as comfortable.

She got in the passengers side and I entered the drivers side and and started the car. I headed off to one of my favorite plaza's. I entered store titles Some Angel one if my very good friends owned it. Dakota ran off towards the jeans started looking but I had a mind of my own I went to one of the workers and said "Hello"

She rudely said yes until looking up at me and then fluttering he eyes and responding more nicely I literally threw up in my mouth.

"So can I see the exclusive section?" I asked

"Of course you may." She said putting her hand on my shoulder

She took me back and then left to re attend the cash register.

I looked through the clothes and smiled widely to myself, I picked out about 29 different outfits and waked out of the room. I returned and saw that she had only 4 shirts and 3 pairs of pants. I decided to buy all of the clothed I had her and the ones she had. I went up to her and she gave me a dirty look but gestured for her to follow me. I went up to the cash register and put all of the clothes down including the ones she had and the clerk kept giving her a dirty look. When she was finally done ringing p the clothes she blurted out the price I slid my card entered my pin and took the bags walking out to the car.

Dakota's POV

Harry had so many different outfits and they all showed so much skin, when he was paying my mouth dropped open the total was 2,781.50 and he took it like it was nothing. We walked back to his expensive Range Rover and got in .

He drove back to his place and put the bags on the table.

He went into the kitchen and started making something, about 35 minutes later he came out with spaghetti.

After we finished eating he suggested we watch a movie and I didn't object.

He led me to a room with a theatre in it goodness what did this man not have.

I sat down in the 8th row and Harry sat down right next to me.

We were halfway into the movie when Harry put his hand on my thigh I pulled it off but he put it right back on I sighed and rolled my eyes. Then he got up and stood in front of me he put his knee in between my legs and bent over and put his lips on mine. I don't know what happened but I found myself kissing back, I don't know why but my stomach fluttered every time Harry dived his head in for more contact I never had this feeling before not even with Ben..........wait Ben I have a boyfriend I'm here for him as much as my heart told me not push him off I had to. I pushed him off of me and he looked confused, he grabbed me and smashed his lips to mine yet again I struggled to get away fighting him but he held my face there. I finally tore his hands off of me and ran out.It took me a while but I found my way to the front door and went out. I went to the gate of Harry's yard and the old guard looked at me "leaving so soon."

"Ya well he's kind of a dick."

"He's really not that bad once you get to know him, and plus if it makes you feel any better I think he loves your about the longest he's ever kept a girl." He said

I don't know why but that actually kind of lightened my mood

"Thanks that actually did help my mood." I said truthfully

"Oh and to help you mold even more your the least sluttiest because they wore almost absolute no clothes. Oh last one and by far the nicest because the others ones always yelled at me." I laughed at him he was by far the only good thing here

"Do you have a cigarette? I asked him

"Ain't you a little young to be smoking?" He said squinting his eyes

I laughed and shook my head he handed me a cigarette and a lighter.

I put it in my mouth and lit it, I blue out a cloud of smoke and looked at the ground.

I was almost done with my cigarette when I heard a door slam I looked up to find Harry storming over to me. I didn't even try to escape he was gonna find me one way or another. When he reached me he ripped the cigarette out if my mouth and smashed it, he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards the house and in to his room. He pushed me down onto the bed and began yelling "You don't run from me like that I'm in control here!" He said to my face

"What just because I didn't want to kiss you I'm a bad girl?" I snapped

His face turned from a frown into a smirk, god damn he has lots of mood swings.

"Yes you have been a bad girl and bad girls get punished."

I gulped oh lord what was he gonna do something shady like 50 shades of grey?

He left the room and came back with the most revealing piece of clothing I have ever seen.

"Why don't you put this on honey?" He said smirking

I didn't want to put it in but I've seen his mad side and I was scared to see the consequences I would face if I didn't.

I was about to enter the restroom when Harry said "no no darling change in here"

I sighed and turned around I took off the dress and then my under wear and bra. I put on the tight black leather dress that had so many slits where my butt was they might as well of put nothing. Harry looked at me and moaned "damn your giving me a boner" he muttered but I heard him perfectly

"Now baby come sit in my lap would you?" He said sitting on the bed

I walked over and sat on his lap and he threw his head back he put his hand on my back and this was my cue to go,I started grinding on him he moaned and I kept going . After about 3 minutes I felt something wet on me I got up and I saw that Harry's pants were wet as well.

Hey guys I don't about you but I felt like this chapter is really boring but idk lol y'all and have an amazing night.

-HarryStyles;) (The Author)

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