My Girl (Harry Styles fanfic)

She was a stripper working to get her boyfriend out of jail. He was a rich man looking for a girl to love. He fell in love from the moment he set his eyes in her, and so did she even though she didn't know it.


2. New Job

Chapter 2

Dakota's POV

I walked into Walmart it was dark out and I was trying to hurt, I grabbed a cart and stuck my purse in the front. I started pushing my cart over to the liquor section, it was almost New Years Eve. I was looking at the Jack Daniels, I got the kind I needed and then went over to the beer. I heard chatting behind me I didn't mean to eaves drop on their conversation but they were standing exactly where I needed to be. I was waiting when I heard one say

"We should totally go back to that strip club, damn that girl was a good stripper what was her name I think it was Danni or." My eyes widened I realized who they were, I started pushing the cart away not going to fast. I almost made it but I looked over my shoulder and the blonde guy was starring at me. He turned his head in confusion before saying something to Harry, Harry turned around and started coming my way. I tuned around and pushed my cart as fast as I could without running, I looked over my shoulder but he was nowhere to be seen I turned my head back around and he was standing in front of my cart.

I just tried to go around him but he held the cart with his firm grip, shit he was strong.

"Dakota darling the girl I was just thinking about." I rolled my eyes

"What do you want another lap dance or something." I said sassily

"That would be great but no Thankyou, I actually would love to talk you if that's alright." He said

Before I could even think I let out a yes. I sighed and grabbed my purse he took me by the hand and led me to the front of Walmart, he took out his phone dialed a number and the said I'm ready. Within 5 minutes a limo came up and Harry opened the door "Lady's first my darling." He said to me

I went in and sat down it was amazing inside, my mouths dropped and Harry smiled.

"Hello Dave now take us to my house oh and give us some privacy please." He said to the driver through the the window which was quite far from us.

"Yes sir" was all he said before rolling up the window.

"Now let's get to business Mrs.Davidson" he said scooting closer to me

"Wait how do you know my last name?" I said scooting farther away from him.

"I may of talked to some people who gave me some answers." He smirked

I was about to talk but he stopped me.

"Now let's gets to business, listen Dakota I talked to your sister Liam my friend knows her and turns out your trying to bail out little Ben. Well how much exactly do you need?" He said

I sighed but decided to answer "15,000 dollars."

"Oh ouch ya that's a lot but lucky for you I have lots and lots of money, and I'm willing tell you but you have to come work for me." He said

"I have a job and I don't need one." I said confidently

"Ya buts it's hard to save money when you have to pay rent, well if you work for me you eat,sleep, and bathe free." He said looking at me

I thought about this was actually a great job offer I mean saving money and laying rent was really hard I needed this and where else was I gonna get it.

"Ok I'll do it."

"Great beautiful" he laughed

"What will I be doing as my 'job' ?" I asked him

"Dakota my beautiful Dakota, you will be my bunny. You will please me, you will dance for me and you will strip for me." I reconsidered but I knew it was too late

"Now to prove your doing it go ahead and strip to undergarments for me." He said

I hesitated but he gave me a look.

I sighed and pulled off my shirt, I took off my heels and removed my jeans. My cheeks heated up thinking about him looking at me, at the club it was different every girl was dressed like that and here it was just me in my lingerie top and bottom.

He put his hand in my chin and turned my head so I was looking at him. He was about to say something but we stopped and someone opened the door I scrambled to cover myself.

Harry shouted for him to close the door and then looked at me "Here wear my trench coat darling." He said handing me a long black trench coat. I pulled the huge thing over me and buttoned it up. I went to grab my clothes but Harry wouldn't let me. I walked out of the car and a burst of wind hit me I put my face deep in the trench coat and closed my eyes it smelled like cinnamon. I pulled my head out of the coat and Harry was getting out of the car. When he was fully out he put his arm over my shoulder and led me to his front door. My jaw dropped open when I saw his house it was huge and Harry laughed when he saw my reaction.

He led me through the front doors and up a grand case of stairs, at last we stopped and two doors. He opened them and told me to enter, I was confused until I saw it was his room. I turned around and gave a deadly glare "No I will not sleep with you!" I protested I knew he wanted me to.

"But I never said that you would get your own room, I said you wouldn't have to pay and you agreed to my conditions." He said

I groaned and crossed my arms. I closed my eyes but opened them quickly to find Harry dropping the coat that was previously on me to the floor. He hugged me from behind and I struggled to get out of his grip. I turned around and was now facing him, I looked at him and smiled before kneeing him in the balls. He let go of me and fell to the ground, and I laughed before climbing into the bed.

He got up and went to the other side of the bed. I turned around to get comfortable to find him only in his Calvin Klein underwear, but that wasn't what I was looking at first of all his underwear was literally popping 8 inches out where his dick was, and second my favorite his six pack I just wanted to run my hand over it over and over. I literally had to push my face away to stop staring at him.

After he got into bed I was finally falling asleep when he scooted as close as possible to me and said "Dakota, Harold's hard for you." I wanted to punch him and die of laughter at the same time.

"Wow first of all that's a new one naming your dick and second tell Harold to back off before he accidentally gets chopped off."

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