My Girl (Harry Styles fanfic)

She was a stripper working to get her boyfriend out of jail. He was a rich man looking for a girl to love. He fell in love from the moment he set his eyes in her, and so did she even though she didn't know it.


1. Lap Dance

I ran to the back door of the strip club I worked at. I know what your thinking strip club oh god I can already tell she's a slut well no I actually am working to bail my boyfriend out of jail he got arrested for possession of marijuana. But I love him and I really need to get him out.

I grabbed my key and opened the back door. I was greeted by some of the girls. I went into the changing room and threw my bag down I quickly started getting undressed. I took my outfit out of the bag.

I hated wearing it but I needed the money and it was the only job I could get.

I quickly slipped it on and then went to our manager Timmy.

"Hey Timmy I'm ready I'm gonna got get on the stage"

"No, Dakota I need you at section p, your our best dancer here." He said

"Wait what about Andrea?" I asked curiously

"Oh her ya your a better dancer than her." He said like nothing

I felt really really bad because Andrea actually was a great dancer but she was going through her breakup.

I sighed and went over to what we call the up close table. I never danced there before but from what Andrea told us it was horrifying. Up on the stage they weren't allowed to touch, but in the up close table they payed to touch.

I saw a group full of young boys typical, there were about 5 of them. on one side two guys sat one with blonde hair, the other had short brown hair, on the other side it was a guy with black hair and the other brown hair Long but not to long, but at the end was a god of a man I got butterflies in my stomach just by looking at him, he had long brown curly locks and dimples he stared right at me I finally broke eye contact.

I sat at the edge of the table and looked at them

"Well boys I hope you enjoy this oh and one more thing I have no gag reflex." They all laughed except the curly haired one he just looked at me with hunger in his eyes and licked his lips. I slid myself farther down the table and then stood up I rubbed myself against the pole. I leaned against it and rubbed my hands all over myself not going to the obvious places. The one with black hair handed me some money I took it and rubbed it against my clit, after that I put it up to his face and he smelt it.

I stuck it halfway in my panties. I walked around the pole before grabbing onto it and swinging around I stuck my but out in front of the one with blonde hair and he gave it a firm slap and I giggled. The one with short brown hair threw his head back when I giggled someone was getting turned on. By the end of the night I had no where else to put my money I began putting it in a flower pot nearby. I rubbed my but against the pole up 4 times before doing my last move. The whole night I pretty much avoided the curly haired one, I was too scared to get close to him the look in his told me he wanted to demolish me. I sat on the edge of the table where curly was and I started rubbing all over myself even moaning a few times, I put my hand on his spot and squeezed he threw his head back, he muttered a few cuss words. I went around the pole one last time, I was walking to the dressing rooms counting my money when the curly haired guy said "I'll give you $300 for a lap dance." I put my hands to my sides and turned around I put the money back into the flower pot and grabbed a chair.

I grabbed the chair and started walking off I turned around and gestured for him to follow.

We came into this room and I shut the door behind us. He looked at me with hungry eyes "What's your name honey?" I said while bending over.


Harry's POV

At the beginning of the dance,she told me to slouch forward until my dick touched her leg. She then started rubbing her knee on my crotch. She got down on her knees and did the russian with her tits. I was turned on as hell by the end of the first song. I then told her I wanted to feel her ass grinding on me. She said, "really, baby?" and turned around and started grinding. I never felt an ass that soft grinding on me in my life. It felt so good that I just started humping into her ass. She then sped up her grinding and I moaned because it was feeling so good. She asked me if I came. I told her that I almost did. She then started grinding faster. By this time, the second song was over, but she kept going. I felt like I was going to come. I told her please dont stop, then 20 seconds later I splooged so hard that I yelled out fuck.

I came out of the room groaning and all the boys stared at me.

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