My Girl (Harry Styles fanfic)

She was a stripper working to get her boyfriend out of jail. He was a rich man looking for a girl to love. He fell in love from the moment he set his eyes in her, and so did she even though she didn't know it.


7. Bye Bye Ben

Chapter 4

Dakota's POV

I woke up to Harry scrambling around the room, he stopped and then started pacing. I sat up and started rubbing the tiredness out of my eyes. Harry pushed me into the bathroom and told me to get in the shower I didn't hesitate. When I was done I found a elegant tan dress with diamonds all over, I was surprised it wasn't anything like the clothes Harry liked me to wear. After I put it on I went out of he restroom and Harry was in a nice very elegant suit.

"Harry why are we dressing like those?" I asked gesturing towards our clothes

"Well my mother and sister are coming over and I kinda told them I had a girlfriend bragging and now they I sit on meeting you." My mouth parted he was making me meet his mother and sister? I sighed and finished doing my hair.

He looked at his phone and then the doorbell rang. He ran down the stairs and answered it, his mother and sister and another woman were at the door with their suitcases. He started hugging them when I came down. I stood next to him and I shook his sisters hand "Hi I'm Kelly." She said and I told her my name.

I did the exact same thing with her mother except she decided she wanted a hug. I went to shake friends hand but she just rolled her eyes. After that we went into the living room and sat down.

"So darling where are you from?" Harry's mother asked me

"I'm from Tennessee." I answered her

She asked me a couple more questions about myself and I answered them with no harm except this last one.

"So honey, are you and Harry sexually active?" Harry's mother asked me

My mouth dropped open and so did Harry's.

" ma'am we haven't done it at all." I said gesturing to me and Harry

She laughed and I was shocked

"Don't lie to me darling Harry only sleeps with whores and prostitutes I know you've had sex." She said taking a sip of the wine Harry had provided

I looked at Harry and his cheeks were flushing red and he kept looking down.

"No ma'am I am to prostitute or whore." I said emphasizing the whore and prostitute part "I have not slept with your son you have my word on it."

She looked at me squinting before laughing again.

"Harry I love her she scares easy, she actually got nervous when I talked about sex unlike that Andrea slut you were with." She said

I gave Harry the dirties look Andrea? For gods sake I knew her and he knew I knew her.

His sisters friend that I still haven't learned the name of was eyeing me suspiciously before looking over at Harry "So have have you been doing Hazza?" She said setting her hand in his leg

I don't know what happened but my blood boiled when she did this and I didn't understand why i didn't even like him or did I? She moved her hand farther up and by now I was fuming I looked at Harry and when he saw the look on my face he immediately smirked and then I gave him a dirty look and he scooted closer to me therefore leaving her hand on the couch next to him.

Harry was leaning on me as everyone was now watching Catching Fire movie. Harry leaned his head to where my ear was whispering "Jealous much?"

I felt his hot breath on my neck and I had to resist the urge to pull his lips onto mine.

"Wh-at are you talking about." I whispered back knowing exactly what he was talking about

"When she had he hand on my leg you looked like a tomato, but lucky for you it was kind of a turn on seeing you jealous because a girl was on me."

I wanted to smack the smirk that was planted on his face off at the same time as smash his lips on mine, what was wrong with me for gods sake I had a boyfriend?

I looked at the movie and sighed why couldn't I have my Peeta willing to die for me, confessing his love to me in front of millions, and lying to protect me. Heck my Peeta was in jail for snorting up some stupid white powder that made you think you were a fucking riding a pony. You know what fuck Ben he left me fucking marijuana was more important to him than me why was I trying to save his drug addict ass? When I was with Harry at least I felt something now that I realize it I only ever liked that Ben gave good sex daily, but by the bulge in Harry's pants I'm sure I could get it from him. Wow I make myself sound like such a whore but I'm done I'm gonna make my time with Harry last.

I'm gonna be with Harry Styles

I'll be posting the next chapter later;)

-HarryStyles;) (The Author)

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