22 year-old Onika Miraj, is Bisexual, her family already knows. She just moved to Brooklyn,NYC, and that's when she meets the one and only Young M.A. Young M.A is 24 and Bisexual to. Onika meets new friends and they end up going to a party. Onika's friends tell her stay away from Young M.A, but Onika feels a spark between her and Young M.A but Young M.A doesn't feel the same. Young M.A uses girls for sex. When Onika ends up going to the party and Young M.A ends up going do you think Young M.A will change or end up using Onika? Read more to find out!


1. Moving!


  (onika's POV)

I had just finished collage, and i always wanted to move to Brooklyn, NY. I wanted to move to Brooklyn because I was tired of living in Ohio. I been started packing and I was hoping I would make new friends. I told my family that i was going to move to Brooklyn they were okay with it because they wanted me to "Live A Little". I decided i was going to drive to Brooklyn because I live right by it and It's only a 9 hour drive so I would be perfectly fine. I told my parents I was leaving as soon as i got off of work and i worked at IHop and my shift is over at 9:30 P.M. I went to work at 3:00 P.M so 6 hours and thirty minutes later I was at home packing the rest of my stuff. when i was done packing everything I put them in my suitcase. I have been saving my money i earned from IHop, I got 15 dollars an hour so i had enough for a condo in the nice neighborhoods of Brooklyn. The time has came that I had to say goodbye to my family. When I said goodbye to my family i started to cry but i knew that i would see them again. I put my suitcase in the trunk of my car and headed of to Brooklyn! When I was getting ready to drive off I said "Brooklyn Here I Come!"


                             Onika and her mom  



 How was that? I know it's a short chapter but i will add more chapters and it's going to be way more interesting then this chapter, this chapter was just a starter.I hope you guys like this book and like and comment enjoy!

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