22 year-old Onika Miraj, is Bisexual, her family already knows. She just moved to Brooklyn,NYC, and that's when she meets the one and only Young M.A. Young M.A is 24 and Bisexual to. Onika meets new friends and they end up going to a party. Onika's friends tell her stay away from Young M.A, but Onika feels a spark between her and Young M.A but Young M.A doesn't feel the same. Young M.A uses girls for sex. When Onika ends up going to the party and Young M.A ends up going do you think Young M.A will change or end up using Onika? Read more to find out!


2. Made it to Brooklyn!

(skipping car ride)

I finally made it to Brooklyn, i am so tired 9 hours without sleeping wow. I went to a hotel to rest I took off my clothes and put my pajamas on, i decided i would take a shower tomorrow. (Skipping the sleeping part) I got up around 9:00, i took a shower and put on:

I was really feeling myself today i don't know why but i just had a feeling i would meet someone really special but i don't know who yet.





(Young M.A POV)

I woke up around 9:30 ish, i took a shower and put this on:

I was hungry,so i went in the kitchen and got some Cinnamon Toast Crunch with some Henny to go with, I love henny and i drink it like everyda- Ringgggggg-Ringggg, It was my homegirl Keyz, Phone convo:

M.A: Hello?

Keyz: Ayo M.A there's a party tonight at Tweety place you coming?

M.A: Hell yeah i'm down for it, what time is the party?

Keyz: It's around 9:30 so spread the word out to everyone you know ight?

M.A: Ight i gotchu catch you later.

Keyz: Ight bye.

M.A: Bye.

(End of phone convo)

(Onika POV)

I decided to check out the hotel to see if i could move in my house today, so i decided to call the landlord Parker.

Phone convo:

Parker: Hello?

Onika: Hey Parker it's me Onika, I was wondering if I could move in the apartment today?  I made it to Brooklyn and i don't have no where to stay.

Parker: Oh yay your in Brooklyn! The apartment looks good as new you can move in today since you don't have no where to go. I will send you pics of The apartment in case you wanna see what it looks like now?.

Onika: Thank you so much Parker I have the money and yes I would like to see the pics. 

Parker: Your welcome Onika, I will send them right now, Oh and I hope you don't mind we already set up the house and if you don't like it you can remodel it?!

Onika: Oh it's ok I don't mind I get kinda lazy (Lol) But thanks again, Bye Parker!

Parker: Your welcome Onika! Bye.

(end of phone convo)

pics of the apartment: outside of the apartment (This is really in Brooklyn)

 Inside of the house: again this house is really in Brooklyn

My bedroom: This is really in Brooklyn

The bathroom: This is really in Brooklyn


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