22 year-old Onika Miraj, is Bisexual, her family already knows. She just moved to Brooklyn,NYC, and that's when she meets the one and only Young M.A. Young M.A is 24 and Bisexual to. Onika meets new friends and they end up going to a party. Onika's friends tell her stay away from Young M.A, but Onika feels a spark between her and Young M.A but Young M.A doesn't feel the same. Young M.A uses girls for sex. When Onika ends up going to the party and Young M.A ends up going do you think Young M.A will change or end up using Onika? Read more to find out!


3. Hallmark

(Onika's *POV*)


After looking at the pics of the house i wanted to go a little shopping for the house to get some decorations.


I was now in my car and it looked like this:

  (skip driving part)

I was know at Hallmark getting Candles and i had a feeling someone was staring at me...



Young M.A POV


After talking to Keyz I wanted to go to the Hallmark cause they had nice smelling candles and my house smelled like Henny and I didn't like the smell. 

I went outside and hopped into my car which looked like this:

  (skipping car ride)

I was now getting out my car and heading into Hallmark and I heard girls mutter under their breath say things like "Is that a boy or a girl" and others say "That person is cute" I yelled out "I'm a girl if you must know and i like girls ok,ok." 

I was now walking into Hallmark and while i was looking for Cinnamon scent candles there was a girl, she was fine, I had to invite her to the party Tweetie was doing and get her drunk so I could bang her... Yeah i had to bang her...

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