Blurry Face

16+ only

My names Georgia. I'm your average girl who lives in an average town. Nothing really happens round here, that is until the new neighbours arrived. And let's say it's a friend face I'm glad to see


2. Friendly Face

"I hope he's home. It's weird, he looks like someone but I can't think of his name. You'll know who I'm on about when you see him" Mary explained.

We pulled into her drive was and made out way inside. There was a car in their drive way, but no one was outside.

"Hi Georgia, nice to see you" Mary's mum greeted me.

"Nice to see you too, Donna. Hope you all had a good Christmas"

"Oh we did it was wonderful. Hey, Mary. Can you take this gift basket over to the new neighbours please- while I look after your sister. I think that boys in, gosh, I wish I could remember his name". Shit.

"Sure me and Georgia will take it round in 10minutes". Double shit.

We went upstairs to fix ourselves so we could go out after taking the basket round. I had my hair down that day, just straight, just ordinary.

We made our way out of Mary's house and down the drive way. We stood at the end up the new neighbours drive way. "Come on then Mary, he's only a boy, a man if you're right and he's a couple years older" I said.

"You're right, I'll hold the basket but you knock of the door and speak to him", she was so terrified of good looking guys. I have no idea why- she's stunning! We walked up to the door and I knocked. We heard someone make there way to the door and slowly opened it. There stood a man, around 6 foot with dark brown hair, green eyes and quite muscly. "Hi" I said "this is Mary and I'm Georgia. We're from next door, we've been sent with a gift basket to help you settle in". He looked confused

"Georgia, is that you?".


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