Blurry Face

16+ only

My names Georgia. I'm your average girl who lives in an average town. Nothing really happens round here, that is until the new neighbours arrived. And let's say it's a friend face I'm glad to see


1. Back To Routine

A cold breeze made its way swiftly through the hallway from the window. The smell of the winter snow, the sound of children playing coming from outside. I love children. I love winter.

My names Georgia. I'm seventeen, and I've lived in Oakwell for most of my life. Things around here never really changed- especially the people. Same faces day in day out. My normal routine was simple. I went to school, came home and had my tea, did homework and would normally go out with friends- except for Fridays. Fridays we're family night. It's just me my big brother and my dad at the moment. My mum left when I was a little girl but hey-ho, isn't that how all the great story's start?

It was just after the Christmas holidays, first day back at school, Mary-Lou, my best friend had tons of gossip to tell me. She had the perfect family- a little sister that gets on her nerves but who she loves dearly, her mum and dad have been happily married for 18 years (since they were 17 actually). They ran off together when they were our age, well my age as Mary is a year older, when they found out they were pregnant with their first children, twins. Unfortunately, they miscarried one so Mary has been only child for a lot of her life so far. Anyway let's get back to the story.

Mary was overwhelmed about her new neighbours. This was odd, we never had new people move here, the town is small and the closest super market or shopping centre was at least a 45 minute drive.

"And you'll never guess what. They have a son" she screamed. "He's around our age I think, maybe a year or two older".

All the boys in our school were either full of themselves because every girl wants them, or nerds who wet themselves whenever they speak to a girl. Not my kind of thing, but then again, no older boy would go for me. I don't know what I was thinking, just kind of got swept up in the moment.

"So what you got first, Mary" I asked.

"Three hours of maths on a Monday morning. The only good thing is I've got mr. Tush". This was not his real name, every hormonal teenage girl in our school calls him mr. Tush because of his perky bum. Definitely not my type of thing. Maybe I sound a bit boring but there is no point fantasising over a teacher you have no chance with for more than one reason when you have better things to do with your life.

"What about you" Mary-Lou questioned me.

"Art with Miss Hawthorn" I bragged. "Not too bad, I have the rest of the day off, two hours with Miss Hawthorn and I get to go home".

The first day was easy back. I forgot how easy it actually was after having two weeks off. After school I got in the car and drove home. No one was in, of course. It was only 11:15am, my dad will have been at work and same for my brother. I grab myself some crisps and chocolate out of the cupboard and collapse onto the couch to watch some tv for a bit. I might as well seen as I have no homework today. Jerry springer was on. Watching that definitely made me feel better about myself. Around came three so I went and picked Mary-Lou up from school, it's tradition I go to hers on a Monday and Tuesday or she comes to mine. We normally do some homework before having tea, but that won't be the case today if the new neighbours are about. We like to have a nosey.

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