Alone Forever


1. stuck

Samarah' Pov

My best friends names are tom and Kyle, we are the odd kids in high school. I mean odd as in we don't care what people think, I mean I could wear a cape to school and wouldn't care what people think. 

Tom is tall and handsome (I mean that as a friend not like that. Eww)if he decided to become the most popular guy in school he could but instead he decided to be a nerd and follow his dream of being a engineer for NASA oh yeah I almost forgot he has brown hair, glasses and is single and ready to mingle (he made me write that). Kyle on the other hand is the same size as most of the other boys at my school he has no identifying things about him other than he has curly and dirty blonde short hair and is very optimistic and energetic but he seems to look just the same as everyone else in my little town. Myself I look as if I was part of some punk rock band with my peroxide blonde hair shaved on one third of my head and the rest of my hair has blue stripes in it and I am out outrageously tall like taller than a NBA basketball player but tom still seems to be a little taller than me. I am also suffering from depression and I am suicidal but apparently that is a little too dark of a topic to write about according to my physiatrist. Whatever. 

So I am finished introducing everyone who matters in the story so I guess it's time to get on with it and write my book. Okay bye everyone time to disappear.Hey idiots r u still picking me up? I texted tom and Kyle.Wouldn't miss u in ur new clothes(; . Is the answer I got back they may be pervs but they are my friends. I heard honking from toms car. I ran down the stairs "Bye mom love yah" I yelled into my empty house. you see my parents disowned me when I was ten but they still pay for my food and the house but that means that I have been living by myself for about 7 years of my life. I don't care though no one knows about it not even Tom and Kyle. I race across the front of the lawn and jump into the passenger seat of Toms car "Aren't We are going to pick up Kyle now?" I asked "Nope he got a ride with his mom. Bye the way how are your parents?" He asked.  Oh shit does he know ? I've never told anyone. How could he? "Umm fine? I dunno." I replied for the rest of the car ride I looked out the window watching the trees and houses pass bye.i get out of the car and immediately notice that something is wrong.'where is Kyle?' i look back into the car a Tom "Umm i told you he is with his mother." but tom started to play with his thumbs which he used to do when he was young and was lying about not eating any of his brothers halloween candy.' tom may i need to ask again?' he looked so nervous right now.   ''i told you already he's with his mother!' but for some reason he was not playing with his thumbs.'okay  but why is he with his mother?" something was going on here i just didn't know what yet.' I DON'T KNOW' tom yelled I was shocked tom never raised his voice l mean never. Then he muttered 'why is it always about Kyle' did I just hear what I think I heard or am I going crazy. 'What? Kyle is my friend I have a right to be concerned about him' I replied ' and will you please cut out the jealous friend crap. Why are you so concerned about my and Kyle's friendship we've all known each other for forever ' I shouted back at him.

Tom stepped forward. People where giving us dirty looks as if we were going to start making-out. Until tom pressed his mouth on mine. What the fuck tom?! No no no nope nopedy nope nope. And tom started to press me into him. No no no no no. I repeat WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK TOM!? I pushed away from him and

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